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Pretty Planters For People Who Kill Pretty Plants

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    We're not naming any names around here, but we once unintentionally killed a cactus. (By we, we mean this writer. And, by cactus, we mean — yes — a plant that practically requires no maintenance.) Needless to say, we have sympathy for those not so blessed with green thumbs. Ours are opposable, not Miracle-Gro.

    So, while it may take a bit of time and practice to actually help nurse a baby bud into a full-fledged garden — we promise we're trying — we still have a soft spot for pretty planters. With a range of unique ceramics and quirkily designed options, we see a flower pot as an opportunity to brighten up a space, even if you're hesitant to put an actually plant into it. We've rounded up eight of these options and found practical clever purposes for them that won't require you to toss away another sad-looking, dehydrated fern. Yes, we will eventually whip our gardening skills into shape, but until then, click on.

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