Petal Pusher: 10 Preppy Florals To Plant In Your Spring Wardrobe

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    We know what you're thinking: Florals for spring, how revolutionary. [Insert eye roll here.] But even while shelves are filling up with ditsy-printed duds and flowery frocks — all a little bit too precious for our tastes — you actually can join the garden party without revisiting your Pre-K days. How? By giving those floral prints a heavy dose of preppy flair.

    Skip the floaty, ultra-femme dresses and breezy camis, and opt for crisp button-up blouses, structured bags, and slim pants, all in botanical prints. With a little structure, these pieces look fresh, modern, and equal parts sweet and sophisticated — and you can easily wear any of them for work or play. But don't take our word for it. Click through our collection of beguiling blooms and see for yourself.

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