Out Of All The Pre-Fall Collections, These Are The 20 You Need To Know

There are more designers and brands participating in pre-fall than ever before, and this season alone saw hundreds of collections. Did you scroll through all of them? No? You don't have a spare 20 hours to Insta-shop for the future? Well, luckily you know someone whose job it is to get through the lot and find what's most noteworthy: us.

From what we saw, there was a definite shift this season toward looser, baggier, and odder forms than what's been occupying hangers lately. For the change-averse, this is bad news. Skinny jeans fans, fit-and-flare fans, and health-goth fans may be disappointed with the upcoming fare. But, for anyone whose soul belongs in the '70s, and for whom exaggerated proportions and aggressive cozines are synonymous with "I'll take it," this is your season. We've picked out the 20 designers whose lookbooks stood out among the pack; learn their names, and start making some space in your closet.
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Photo: Courtesy of MSGM.
There are few brands that look like they're having as much fun with fashion as MSGM. They've pulled some of the biggest hits from the design landscape (sequin patches, fringe, pop-art graphics, faux fur) into one collection and, as usual, put them together in the most perfect of combinations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Comey.
Rachel Comey
We have to admit it: We've sipped the Rachel Comey Kool-Aid, and there's no turning back. She could present a burlap sack and we'd consider it. It's just that she gives us exactly what we want with each collection, while providing new things to try that generally (okay, alright, always) work out. This season, she went heavy with the washed denim, which we love since her frayed culottes from last season are still on our most worn pile. She also brought back those signature clogs, and we wouldn't be surprised if her shag-covered ones made a big comeback.
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Photo: Courtesy of Roksanda Ilincic.
Roksanda Ilincic
Roksanda constantly kills it with color combos; we'll admit that we look to her dresses for new ways to color block our own outfits. This one, featuring a feast of lilac, black, mustard, and sherbet, is going up on our pin boards, STAT.
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Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Wang.
Alexander Wang
With each collection, Alexander Wang picks some textile innovation and runs with it. This fish-netted mesh he filled his pre-fall with is supremely interesting, and made its way into strappy slip dresses and liquid knits. Other stand-outs included perfectly deconstructed army skirts and mechanic jumpsuits (worn with Wang booties, of course)
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Photo: Courtesy of Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.
Preen by Thornton Bregazzi
There's a lot of "Whoa!" that happens when flipping through the pre-fall lookbook from Preen. All those little clever moments make up a brilliant collection for girls who love to have fun with clothes (without feeling too fun-house). Preen does sexy-meets-sporty unlike any other brand, and this time it's letting lace and spandex collide in a lot of cool ways. For the Preen fan who's totally obsessed with those oversized printed maxi-dresses, there were plenty of those, too, to satisfy your casual-gown needs.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gucci.
This pre-fall collection was the last one Frida Giannini worked on, and she made her point very clear: The '70s are back, and Gucci is going to redefine how it looks this time around. From printed jersey dresses to great coats (worn with even better trousers), the standout might have to be those lace-up heeled oxfords. We're anticipating a long wait list for those...
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Photo: Courtesy of Fendi.
Bless Fendi for taking old-lady staples (shawls, twin sets, top-handle bags, and fur collars) and reinventing them as must-haves for Bright Young Things. It's impossible not to feel giddy when wearing a sweater bedecked with candy-colored eyebrows. Vegans might want to sit this one out, though.
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Photo: Courtesy of
Marni will forever offer up that hard-to-achieve blend of strange-sophisticate, but its pre-fall delivery brought more sleek, elongated silhouettes than usual. Mile-long trousers, boxy vests, and body-skimming dresses add height, while calf-length trouser socks lend the off-kilter vibe we've come to expect from Marni.
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Photo: Courtesy of Valentino.
The space housing this preview was something to behold: Viewers walked around in reverential silence, punctuating it with the occasional muffled exclamation. Utterly romantic with an idyllic twist, the clothes were perfect for the Ophelias of the world. The only thing better than the lace dresses, embroidered jackets, and astrology motifs? The accessories — charming heels, booties, and bags elicited more fervent 'gramming than anything else.
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Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney.
Stella McCartney
Despite being wholly committed to non-cruel materials, Stella McCartney brought out an abundance of fur-looking pieces for pre-fall. (Don't worry, this faux fur comes with a removable tag that tells the world exactly what it is.) The pieces were paired with beautiful knits and cheeky flats, as well as unique picks that quirky girls are bound to go gaga over (shin-pocket trousers, furry hats, panther prints, and lots of haphazardly gathered gowns).
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Photo: Courtesy of No. 21.
No. 21
Some shoppers will think the No. 21 pre-fall lookbook is the strangest thing they've ever seen. Others will think it's the best. For those on the right sunnier side of the spectrum, it's easy to see why: The furry socks, cropped jeans, satin sport sandals, and nubby knits are a tomboy's dream. There are plenty of bejeweled dresses and bows, too, for the ladies among us, but nothing ever veers into saccharine territory.
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Photo: Courtesy of Acne.
For Acne's lookbooks, cozy and cool come before things like functionality. For example, you may not be able to scratch your nose, because your sleeves reach your knees. But, we love seeing that kind of irreverence in the brand's creative imagery. (When they make it into stores, things like sleeves become way more wearable.) With big, chunky shoes and knit stockings dressing up everything from a mishmash of plaids to thick knits, there are plenty of practical styling tips in the lookbook, along with that obvious dose of fanaticism.
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Photo: Courtesy of
If there's one brand that's defining the silhouettes of right now, it's Ellery. Cropped super-flares; boxy, romantic ruffles; and exaggerated layering will be the next shapes for fashion ladies in the know. While some of the looks in the pre-fall book are a little far-out (the massive A-line shorts that start below the butt, for one), we're totally inspired by the new cuts in Ellery's crisp palette of suiting gray, white poplin, and black taffeta.
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Photo: Courtesy of Chloé.
You know that Clare Waight Keller's team was waiting around with bated breath for the return of '70s vibes, and all of the peasant blouses, little capes, bell-bottom jeans, and thigh-high boots they bring. It's rich and cozy, androgynous but sexy, and timed perfectly — a year or two ago, this collection would have felt dated, but coming in the middle of constant blizzards and a general '90s fatigue, this feels so right.
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Photo: Courtesy of Joseph.
Whatever is going on with the shapes of Joseph's pre-fall collection is something worth noting. It pays no attention to elongating your legs or trimming your waist, which is precisely why it's so rad. It skips tomboy and goes fully into a menswear approach to style that extends beyond suiting to dresses, robe coats, and knit skirts, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Alexander McQueen.
Alexander McQueen
We dare you to click through this lookbook and not get goosebumps. Nevermind the fact that the images would have made Vermeer cry, the clothes themselves are the stuff that fashion fairytales are made of. With thick silks, elegant brocades, high necks, and supple leathers, these are the kind of pieces you save up for years to buy, and then end up wearing for the rest of your life.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin.
These days, the idea of a suit for work looks a lot different than your standard blazer-and-trouser set. And, Lanvin's pre-fall collection comes with a ton of ideas for cool coordinating separates to wear to the office. From oversized pinstripes that feel more punk than proper to a long sweater-and-skirt set made of gray flannel, the options are much more interesting.
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Photo: Courtesy of Thakoon.
Before the mass popularity of deconstructed poplins and vintage-look florals, Thakoon was there doing both. In his pre-fall collection, there's a healthy representation of his bread and butter, but we're most enamored by those knit layering pieces. So comfy. So cool.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sharon Wauchob.
Sharon Wauchob
Don't know Sharon Wauchob? Well, get used to the name, because this designer is hitting her stride in a huge way. Employing the romance and rigidity of Victorian silhouettes with the playfulness of '60s shapes, Wauchob created a beautiful, rich-feeling collection that's as challenging as it is nostalgic.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tibi.
The NYC creative working girl's uniform by now is largely comprised of Tibi, and judging from what the brand had to offer in its pre-fall lookbook, we're expecting a lot of outfit-gawking to go on in the boardroom in the next few months. Rich leathers, felted wools, and slouchy (but not shlubby) sweaters are confident and cool, and we're loving the slightly darker, more somber tone Tibi is easing into.