The Magical European Country You Haven't Been To — Yet

Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Lopez.
Imagine this: picturesque tiles lining every surface, cocktails overlooking the praia, and a pastel de nata whenever you want. It's all part of the allure of Portugal, where Arabic and Western European influences embrace against a backdrop of hills, craggy coastlines, and sparkling seas.

If Portugal's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Rather than limiting yourself to just one city, style influencer and blogger Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life advises experiencing the country from top to tip. A recent adventure saw Lopez exploring not just the capital, Lisbon, and the beaches of Porto, but also more off-the-beaten-path destinations like the coastal cities of Lagos and Albufeira in the Algarve. The resulting images of cobblestone paths, terra-cotta tiles, and chipped walls are an Instagrammer's dream — and all the inspiration you'll need to start packing your bags.

And let's not forget everything else that awaits your arrival. Succulent seafood and sizzling platters of meat, a history as rich as the port you'll be ordering by the bottle, and a vibrant nightlife are all par for the course.

Read on for Lopez's travel album, and check out more of her escapades here. Time to brush up on that Portuguese, folks.
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Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Lopez.
On Portugal's appeal:
"I loved Portugal because it's a country full of pleasant surprises. There's a lot of discoverable elements that make you feel like a traveler instead of a tourist, and there's access to beautiful wineries and coastlines an hour's drive away from each city center. The sightseeing offers lots of hilltop views of the city and buildings with influences of the Arabic tile and Western European architecture."
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Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Lopez.
On packing wisely:
"Bring a swimsuit, a light sweater, and a comfortable pair of shoes. Lisbon is a walking city atop a hill."
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Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Lopez.
On satisfying those cravings:
"One of my favorite places to eat was Café Lisboa, a beautiful and warm textured restaurant that feels like you're eating on a Wes Anderson movie set. In Porto, I stopped by Miss'opo (pictured), a guesthouse and gallery with a popular café and bar."
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Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Lopez.
On souvenirs to savor:
"I spent hours shopping at A Vida Portuguesa, a lifestyle store that carries design-minded furniture, books, port, and wine from local Portuguese artisans. It's a great place to pick up a bar of soap or a locally crafted rose-marble cutting board."
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Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Lopez.
On nailing the Portuguese style:
"It's coastal more than it is a metropolitan hub, so espadrilles, light dresses, and a basket bag will be your best friend."
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Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Lopez.
On pre-trip reading inspiration:
"Guia de Arquitectura de Lisboa is a book about some of the city's most iconic buildings."
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