Bow Ties Make A Couture Comeback You'll Want To Get Involved With

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    We've always kinda seen the bow tie as an awkward accessory. If it's not made of boring black silk and accompanying a stuffy tuxedo, it tends to veer either ultra-preppy or ultra-nerdy. Well, we're happy to report that times they are a-changin' — bow ties are cool now... and not just because Dr. Who said so. Seriously, there is a bona fide bow-tie renaissance going on, thanks to companies like Pomedôro, who are revamping these neckpieces using exquisite fabrics and playful detailing to take 'em from lecture hall to haute couture.

    Not only does this Toronto-based brand make every piece by hand, they also are more than happy to customize things like tie shape, or add beading, sequins, or pretty much anything else your heart might desire. Seriously, there are pretty awesome for you own menswear moment or for your boyfriend or brother. Of course, all of this handiwork doesn't exactly come cheap — bow ties cost between $100 and $250, depending on the materials and labor involved, and it'll take two to three weeks until it arrives at your door. Still, we're going to call that a small price to pay considering the piece you get is a one-of-a-kind original that you can literally wear anywhere.

    Alright, we know you want to see the goods, so click through to see a sampling of the ties they offer, which might make you reconsider where that paycheck is going. And, if you're ready to order, just email Pomedôro with the tie you want and any added specs, and they'll get right to work. It's about time this simple little accessory received the sartorial respect it has long deserved, and our collared shirts are definitely not going to know what hit 'em this spring.

    Photo: Courtesy of Pomedôro
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