Say Goodbye To These Plus-Size Rules

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There's been this thing that's somehow still embedded in most of our consciousnesses where we still believe that clothing should be seen as camouflage, to use fabric to hide our supposed “flaws.” But, real talk: The only flaw that needs to be fixed is the antiquated notion that your body is a problem that needs to be solved.

Plus-size women have experienced these style constraints even more than those who wear smaller sizes, having to endure not only ridiculous restrictions dictated by the fashion elite but also the total lack of options to even wear if they wanted to break those “rules.” Although there are still some who think they can hand out clothing edicts (we’re looking at you, O, The Oprah Magazine), thankfully, the majority of the fashion media and clothing brands have woken up and smelled the pumpkin spice latte.

We know there are some reading this who still think, “Oh, no, I could never pull that off.” We’re here to tell you that you can. For every antiquated fashion don’t you've read about, there’s a style blogger showing you how it can be a total do. Check out how the following rule-breakers rock these sartorial taboos and then join the fashion revolution!

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1. Don't Ever Wear Horizontal Stripes
Horizontal stripes' claim to fame is that they'll make you look wider, which is bogus — proved by science! But regardless of any optical illusion those lines could create, the point of expressing your style and wearing what you want is not about trying to make yourself appear as skinny as possible. Whether you're dabbling with thick or thin stripes, a classic black-and-white color palette adds a sophisticated spin on any ensemble (and pairs perfectly with any other hues).

Liz Black from P.S. It's Fashion turns those straight lines into curves with a form-fitting midi-dress.
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Amarachi Ukachu rocks a matching set — made by her, of course — highlighted by thick contrasting stripes and complementary black-and-white accents.
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Sarah Conley from Style It Online sets a new bar for striped style by utilizing the pattern as an outfit accent and pairing it with other printed pieces.
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Allison Teng from Curvy Girl Chic incorporates every type of stripe with her lovely line-covered shift dress.
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2. Avoid White Clothes
Once you get over the fear of spilling something on yourself, you, too, can look wonderful in white. Pair contrasting textures and colored accessories for extra optical interest, or make a major impact with head-to-toe monochromatic.

Nicolette Mason
expertly uncovered the best background — a powerful pop of pink — to make her all-white ensemble stand out even more.
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Photo: Via @itsmekellib.
Kellie Brown of And I Get Dressed looks sweet, but not overly saccharine, in an absolutely darling LWD.
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Thamarr Guerrier of Musings of a Curvy Lady looks cool and chic in a girly-glam white ensemble, frosted with icy silver accessories.
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3. Crop Tops Are Only For Flat Abs
O, The Oprah Magazine might disagree, but we have photographic proof that soft and hard stomachs look chic in a crop. The crop tops of the ’90s were always paired with low-rise jeans, exposing a huge amount of flesh. The modern crop looks killer when paired with high-rise skirts and pants, allowing you to show just a sexy sliver of skin.

Gabi Gregg of GabiFresh keeps her crops chic by sticking with a matched set and accessories sleek.
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Margie Aschcroft of Margie Plus always scores high marks when it comes to transforming the trendy crop top into an athleisure dream.
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Cindy Pineda of Cidscloset goes for a more modern look by pairing her crop top with edgy high-waisted pants.
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Amina Mucciolo from Tassel Fairy makes any top into a crop with just a simple twist — making her über-girly ensemble just tutu cute!
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4. Printed Pants Emphasize Your Thighs
You're not basic, so why hide away in boring black pants? Easily change up your look with a pop of print. If you're worried about going overboard, pick a style with a smaller pattern or one within the same color family, and pair it with a solid top. For an extra polished touch, tuck your top in and slip on sleek heels.

Rhiannon Hennessy from FlossyLox knows that one of the best ways to wear printed pants is with other contrasting patterns. By keeping everything in the same color palette, it looks modern, not messy.
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Photo: Via @curvily.
Sarah Chiwaya of Curvily looks purrfect (and hits two trends at once) thanks to her floral-fantasy fancy pants and her quirky cat crop.
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Vacation not in the budget? Then give your look a tropical twist like Sandra Negron from La Pecosa Preciosa did by donning sultry palm-print pants.
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Assa Cisse from My Curves and Curls shows how to break a few of the biggest fashion “rules” at once with her print-mixing and trendy trousers — striped, of course.
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5. Body-Con Dresses Showcase Your Flaws
Pick a body-con frock that skims over your figure and not one that is tight enough to become a second skin. Solid shades are a straightforward starting point, but an eye-catching print (like some of these ladies are rocking) boosts your killer curve confidence.

Kristy Koutsogiannis of Saved by Kristy shows a little leg (and her curves) in a sleek and chic ebony ensemble.
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Photo: Via @iambeauticurve.
Rochelle Johnson of Beauticurve lets her shape shine in an uncomplicated solid body-con frock.
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Photo: Via @mskristine.
Kristine proves with one outfit why naming her blog Trendy Curvy was the right move — her body-con dress is both on-trend and figure-hugging at once!
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6. Only Swimsuit Models Can Pull Off Bikinis
Plus-size swimwear is no longer only giant flowers and skirted swimsuits — thanks to revolutionary bloggers like Gabifresh, there are more stylish options than ever before. Although you can still rock a classic one-piece — or even a retro skirtini — baring it in a bikini (and seeing that the world won't come to an explosive end) can be one of the most liberating ways to embrace your body!

It's as clear as black and white that Skorch Magazines own Jessica Kane looks babelicious in a bikini.
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By pairing a solid top and printed bottoms, plus model Brittney Tamang gives her bikini style a pick-and-mix candy vibe.
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Callie Thorpe of From the Corners of the Curve serves up bikini-babe realness with her retro-inspired high-waisted two-piece.
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Marie Southard Ospina from Migg Mag proves that not all plus-size bikinis have to be high-waisted — her low-rise bikini exposes her belly button (something that seems rare in plus swimwear) and allows her curves to shine.
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7. Minimalist Outfits Look Lazy
Minimalism toes a fine line between super-sophisticated and apathetic. It can be tricky to master but feels totally cool when you pull it off. Not sure where to start? Try sticking to a monochromatic palette (but choose items with different fabrics or textures), or pair a more formal element, like a silk blouse, with a casual piece, such as distressed boyfriend jeans for that I-just-threw-this-on effortlessly chic look.

By playing with proportion, Isabell Decker from Dressing Outside the Box creates effortlessly chic ensembles, showcasing her minimalism mastery.
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Photo: Via @daniellevanier.
Danielle Vanier keeps things simple with a mix of structured and slouchy pieces that check off every trend on our must-have list.
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Photo: Via @girlwithcurves.
A classic white button-down looks good on everyone, and Tanesha Awasthi from Girl With Curves transforms timeless into timely by layering a sleeveless maxi version over skinny jeans.