26 Plus-Size Yoga Picks That Won't Put You To Sleep

When we're looking for plus-size activewear, we're already fighting an uphill battle. There's not a lot to choose from, and what is out there tends to have a big problem: It's so freaking boring.

Sure, there are days when all we want to wear is black and gray. But there are other days when we'd rather not blend in. Why is it so hard to believe that we might — gasp — actually want to stand out?

Have no fear — we've got your back. We've collected all of our favorite eye-catching yoga clothes for curvier girls. We're talkin' prints, attention-grabbing highlights, and plenty of edgy mesh details. These picks definitely won't put you to sleep — even in corpse pose.
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Head stuck in the clouds? No problem.
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Everyone needs another comfy tee.
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Keep everything comfortably in place.
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Check out those neon and marble bands at the top.
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You might just stay in these all day.
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Black and white doesn't have to be boring.
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Who can resist a pink racing stripe?
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Mesh insets on this jacket will keep you (looking) cool.
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These ultra comfy leggings also have wicking technology.
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Stay fresh in mint green.
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You'll be the star of the class in these.
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Seeing red isn't so bad.
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The ruching on these leggings will keep them in place.
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Mix up the gray with some bright purple stripes.
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This open-back tee is the perfect opportunity to show off your favorite sports bra (or a colorful waistband).
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Hot pink keeps these leggings from feeling too sleepy.
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For when you need a little extra motivation.
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Metallic details on these shorts will keep you from falling into the background.
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These fleece-lined leggings are perfect for morning yoga in a chilly apartment (or brunch).
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This bra offers the perfect amount of support for your sun salutations.
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These velvet leggings are almost too comfy.
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This tank has a handy built-in bra.
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Abstract prints = on point.
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Feel like a superhero in this moisture-wicking jacket.
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The best kind of camouflage.
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The mesh panels here will keep you dry in the right places.