Genius Styling Tricks Perfect For Plus-Sizes

There's an obvious reason why fashion people's favorite season is fall — it's an opportunity to wear more clothes without having to cover up all your hard work with a coat. And, what's not to love? Fall's newest trends lend themselves superbly to mixing and matching, delivering endless permutations to help you layer to your heart's content. Like all trends, you've got to pick the ones best suited to your tastes and shape, and we're here to help you narrow down your options. For a hit-list of fail-safe tricks, click through for the 10 plus-size styling tips delivered just in time for autumn's pile-on!
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Make Body-Con Midi-Dresses A Staple — Hitting you right at the knee, a body-con midi-dress in a thick knit or jersey should be a staple. Worn with an oversized army jacket, it's tame enough to wear on the weekends (take off the jacket, and you've got yourself a devastatingly sexy look for night. Just add accessories!). ASOS Curve Midi Dress, $59.07, available at ASOS.
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Layer Patterned Pants — Plaid pants are just about everything this fall, but so much print may seem overwhelming on a long iteration. The key is to layer your tops to visually balance out the pattern. Choose bold graphics in neutral colors, and make sure the shirt hits you at the widest part of your hips — and, voilà! Photo: Via Forever 21.
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Fashion-Forward Jersey — Boxy, structured sweatshirts with cartoon graphics were everywhere on the runway, but on non-model women, they can end up looking like linebacker pads. Instead, try a long-sleeved jersey shirt that's longer in length but slimmer in cut that's got a statement-making patch on the front. Either iron it on yourself for the easiest DIY, ever, or find it in a big, bold design (pro tip: Skip the jewelry if the graphic is metallic!). Born For Bollywood Top, $22, available at Fashion To Figure.
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Every girl needs a wear-with-everything bra — in a least three shades. With seamless smoothing and maybe the cushiest support ever, this revelation might make the rest of your lingerie seem suddenly inadequate.

Curvation Side Shaper Bra, $12.94, available at Walmart.
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Work That Side Panel — Whether it's on a body-hugging dress or a pair of athletic pants, a thick-side panel gives your body instant definition. We especially love it on traditional menswear fabrics like plaid, checks, and tweeds — a huge trend for fall.

Truly Wow Houndstooth Illusion Dress, $105, available at Simply Be.
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Invest In A Nude Pump — The quickest trick to making those gams seem longer isn't in the cut of the pants (though that certainly helps) but rather through the shoe. A pointed toe, patent nude pump can add inches to your leg, visually smooth out your line, and give you an actual vertical boost, too. As a rule, your pants should end just above your ankle bone, to really allow the nude pump to do its job.

Photo: Courtesy of Evans
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Party It Up In A Palazzo — Maxi-dresses may feel a little too stuffy for a cocktail party, but a wide-legged, free-flowing palazzo pant can be just the ticket. Choose a pant with a shorter hemline for a modern silhouette (it also gives you an opportunity to show off your pretty party shoes!). Up top, wear your favorite plunging wrap shirt, and either tuck it into a high waist or cinch it against your pants with a thin belt.

Photo: Courtesy of Macy's.
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Try A Tunic Over Pants — A body-skimming button-down shirt in a tunic-length is universally flattering, but a little too short to wear as-is. The solution? Pair it with a cropped trouser pant in a similarly dark hue to create an updated version of a Salwar Kameez.

Photo: Courtesy of Evans.
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Fake A Peplum — A styling trick that's moved beyond its grunge past, the waist-tie shirt is coming along with a slew of other '90s trends, and we love how we're able to use it to add layer, depth, and pattern to our outfits. Worn with a femme-fatal pencil skirt (or even a body-con dress), the shirt gives you a certain degree of coverage while drawing attention to the tiniest part of your body and accentuating your curves.

ASOS Curve Pencil Skirt, $106.32, available at ASOS.