One-Piece Wonders: 13 Plus-Size Jumpsuits & Rompers

Growing up, I was extremely conscious of the fact that my thick legs didn’t resemble the pin-thin limbs of my classmates. “Blessed” with my mother’s genetics, I had muscularly fatty thighs and bulging calves that my ancestors would have been thrilled to own, but I abhorred. Add to that a fleshy stomach that never seemed to flatten, no matter how often I worked out, and I was a ball of insecurities.
I allowed my lack of body confidence to hold me back from wearing clothes that I lusted after, especially jumpsuits. I envied how thin women could easily “pull off” the stunning style, and refused to accept that I probably could, too.
After years of following the plus-size fashion rules (some imagined, some dictated by the options available in stores), and eschewing the designs I lusted after, I decided to rebel. It went slowly at first — I incorporated a striped shirt or fitted frock into my wardrobe, but I still held jumpsuits at arm's length.
But, then one day I saw it: a classic black jumpsuit that was specifically crafted for curvy women, and, better yet, it was on sale. When I pulled it on and something happened. I realized what I'd been denial of for years, it was a piece of clothing, after all, and not some fashion monster meant to torment. My fears vanished as I stared in the mirror. I looked good — no, great — and, my love affair with the one-piece wonder began.
Now, my closet is stocked with jumpsuits, and I find myself reaching for them when I’m at a loss for what to wear. They’re effortlessly chic, and work in a variety of social situations — whether you're a onesie novice or a devotee like me. We’ve rounded up a wardrobe’s worth of stunning styles that will fit every budget, style, and body. Try a slouchy, soft style for your next plane ride or an edgy moto design for that upcoming date. There are even summer-approved shorts rompers that will keep you cool during this sweltering season.
What are you waiting for? It’s time to jump in!

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