10 Plus-Size Trends For A Fashion-Forward Fall

Call us impatient, but we’ve been shopping for our fall '14 wardrobe since there was still snow on the ground. (Blame the runway schedule, not us.) While it might still be too steamy to wear wool, and donning leather in these temps will bake you silly in an instant, it’s never too early to start putting together a shopping game plan.
From coats that bring more drama than Bravo's housewives to print mixes that'll give you a case of the dizzies, this fall is filled with eye-catching trends that can land you on any of Best Of The #OOTDs roundup. We’ve put together a checklist of trends for size 14 and up women that you can shop now, and wear immediately after the first cold snap.
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In The Red
A power pigment, red drums up more confidence than any other hue. We're drawn to the tint for the very same reasons many others are intimidated by it.
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Little Bit Country
Indulge your twangier side in Americana-inspired styles for fall. With rustic blanket prints and chambray accents, there's a certain warm and earthy touch to this trend.
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Faux Sure
Hunt for edgy patterns and synthetic shades for your faux fur — this season, the less realistic the piece, the better.
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Blue Note
This season's electric cobalt blue is sure to brighten up your fall. From statement skirts to arresting accessories, this blue is one that won't have you feeling it, too.
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Mad For Plaid
Plaid returns like crunchy leaves, every single fall. This time, think Ivy League more than awkward holiday card when you pick your pattern.
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Magic Eye
This trend might have you seeing double, but the magic happens when it turns even the most devoted wearer of solids into a proponent of print.
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Geometry Class
Black and white go together like Kardashians and selfies, and this fall they’re just as ubiquitous as that infamous clan. Stick with graphic prints to keep the look fresh.
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Leather Weather
Trendy textures and unique designs make this season's skins feel like a whole new take. Whether you splurge on the real deal or stick with animal-friendly faux, this one’s got sleek staying power.
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Rock Solid
One of the coolest patterns that rocked the runways for fall was marble. Chisel out some space in your wardrobe, because this trend is set in stone.
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Last Layer
Put away your basic black and camel coats, because this season is all about the bold statement. Look for unusual silhouettes and oversized shapes in acid hues — whatever will bring a bit of drama to anything you put it over.
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