6 Plus-Size Bloggers Address Anti-Chafing

Photo: Courtesy of And I Get Dressed.
There are some patently awesome aspects to summer — long, sunny days; outdoor seating; the fact that you don't have to spend five minutes wrangling your layers each time you arrive and exit a building — but, of course, there could not be good without bad. Summer can also have you melting from your normal fabulous self into a sweaty, chafed-up, itchy, ouchy mess.

We've previously told you how to beat the heat with some keep-cool tips, today we're bringing you solutions to that other summer bummer: chafing. It can happen to us all; every gender and every size can suffer from the friction burn of skin-on-skin contact. But instead of just suffering with your rubbed-raw body, we've got some tips to help you navigate the chafe from some of our favorite plus-size bloggers.

Although this is not an issue suffered only by plus-size people (and there are plenty who luck out and don't have this problem), these women (myself included) have been honest and transparent about this issue and want to pass along their insight to you. Keep scrolling to see their tips, and feel free to add yours in the comments!
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Photo: Courtesy of Manfattan.
Beck Delude of Manfattan
"There is no bigger disappointment than wearing an amazing dress, only to end up with chafed thighs. When it comes to chub rub, Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick is my lifesaver. This product is super-easy to use: Give your inner thighs a quick swipe, and you're good to go!"
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Photo: Courtesy of And I Get Dressed.
Kellie Brown of And I Get Dressed
"Thigh meat is magical — unfortunately, the rubbing is less so. To avoid any possible rubbing and sweating on 95 degree days, I usually grab a pair of cotton stretchy booty shorts. I don't know if there's an actual term for these shorts, but they are the kind that a teenage cheerleader would wear in between competitions."
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Photo: Courtesy of Twee Valley High.
Kristina Uriegas-Reyes of Twee Valley High
"I don’t have a 'reapply' kind of patience. Give me long-lasting lipstick and comfy summer shorts, I’m good to go. Since the day my thighs first touched, my Mom taught me the importance of a slimming undershort. It keeps chub rub at bay and helps tame potential food babies. I’m not picky when it comes to brands; most of my shorts come from Marshalls or TJ Maxx, but I prefer a neutral color and a high waistline. My favorite pairs 'suck it in' while letting me breathe like a normal human. I’m very pro-skirt, so if I can run around without summer shorts rolling up (or down), that’s also a plus. In NYC, where walking is essential, I literally could not leave the house without donning a subtle pair of shorts under my pretty petticoats!"
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Photo: Courtesy of P.S. It's Fashion.
Liz Black of P.S. It's Fashion
"I'm a big fan of Bandelettes, but on days when I want a little more coverage, I wear Thigh Society moisture-wicking shorts. They're made out of a light and airy blend of nylon and Spandex, and they don't compress you like certain types of shapewear. They give me a smooth, clean line and work well with both fitted and roomy skirts and dresses — and since they're breathable, I won't overheat even on those days when the air feels like a blanket of humidity. But if I really want compression (and I know I'll be primarily in AC-chilled rooms), I like Hooked Up Shapewear, because you can attach it to your bra straps to prevent roll-down or digging in."
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Photo: Courtesy of MarcyGuevara.com.
Marcy Guevara of MarcyGuevara.com
"To avoid chub rub, I wear bike shorts by Lola Getts or men's compression shorts by Under Armor. Even though shorts are more for working out, they are like having Spanx on without so much restriction. Plus, they keep me cool and chafe-free! I love wearing dresses but always need an added layer of protection!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Curvily.
Sarah Chiwaya of Curvily
"Bandelettes are my first choice, but for hot days when I can't stand the thought of adding even a scrap more fabric than necessary (or when I can't find a full pair), I reach for my old standby: Dove Go Fresh deodorant. I just swipe the invisible solid where the tops of my thighs rub together before heading out the door. It isn't fancy, but it works: Unless I am walking more than five miles in a day, I don't chafe like I usually would. The antiperspirant property is a plus on days when sweating is inevitable, and the texture isn't weird or gooey like some products aimed specifically at chafing prevention."