The 6 U.K. Pinterest Pros You Absolutely Must Follow

Hands up; who loves Pinterest? Sure, and why shouldn't you? But, with every new social media phenomenon comes a new set of problems — one in particular that we like to call Inspiration Overload. Too many pretty pictures and just not enough time to sift through them all.
So, with that in mind (coupled with the fact that Pinterest has recently launched their U.K. site, with localised features), we’ve rounded up our seven favourite local Pinning pros. Their boards prove that Pinterest isn’t just procrastination — it’s an art form.
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Charlie May
When we want fashion inspiration of the minimalist, monochrome variety, Charlie May’s our girl. A blogger and designer with a seriously sleek aesthetic, her Pinterest follows suit. In a sea of clashing prints and patterns, Charlie’s pins are refreshingly pared back. Those that subscribe to the Phoebe Philo school of thought will love the abundance of black and white leather and subtle style details.

Please tell us a little about you, your work as a designer and your blog.
"I'm originally from Devon. I started my fashion blog Girl a la Mode in 2008, whilst studying Fashion Design at university. After I graduated, I moved to London worked for a couple of designers, then two years ago I decided to start my fashion label, Charlie May."

When did you start pinning?
"I think I leapt on it as soon as I heard about it! I always had a pin board when I was younger with all my inspiration, so the idea of having that on the web was genius to me."

How do you use your Pinterest boards, and do they inspire your designs?
"Yes very much. My last collection was all inspired by an image of a volcanic landscape that popped up on my Pinterest feed. I started searching for similar imagery and I found so many incredibly inspiring pins!"

Where do you find inspirational images?
"I pin a lot from Tumblr and blogs that I follow. It's great to be browsing the web and immediately be able to pin an image you’re not ready to let go of yet."

What kind of images have you been pinning lately and why?
"It depends my mood, I guess recently it's been a lot of holiday and beach photos (wishful thinking)! Also a lot of editorials that have been inspiring me too."

Which pinners do you love?
"My favourites right now are iloveaesthetics, samsonchoi, and studded hearts."
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Fabric of My Life
London-based Kate Baxter is passionate about design. So much so that by day, she works in interiors PR and by night, runs a successful design blog, Fabric of My Life. Her Pinterest is an ode to super-chic living — we particularly love her colour-coordinated mood boards and impeccably curated board covers.

When did you start pinning?
"I’ve been an avid pinner since January 2011, and still find it as exciting and addictive as I did then!"

How do you use your Pinterest boards, and do they lend inspiration for your work, blog, and home?
"Pinterest allows me to do everything I initially began my blog for; cataloguing and sharing my favourite design inspirations and styling ideas. Of course, my blog is so much more than that now, and happily Pinterest serves as a perfect compliment, allowing me to collate inspirations on a much wider ranging scope of topics than I usually write about, such as street style, delicious food recipes, and cute guys! I also like to make use of the secret boards for prepping post ideas."

Where do you find inspirational images?
"Everywhere! I spend a lot of time scrolling through pinned images from those I follow on the site, but I also like to pin images from my favourite blogs, online magazines, Flickr and web boutiques."

What kind of images have you been pinning lately and why?
"Lots of light and airy interiors, chic and effortless fashion styling, and anything Parisian – I was in the French capital a few weeks ago to indulge my inner Francophile. I love how I scroll through haphazardly pinning things from so many different sources, only to find them looking so neat and coordinated when I view them together!"

Which (design-based) pinners do you love?
"I love fjellby, Josefin Hååg and Beth {local milk} for an array of inspirational home interior and design pins."
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Kris Atomic
Chronic Bitchface ring a bell? You have awesomely talented illustrator and photographer Kris Atomic to thank. She’s been illustrating cool girls for a living for nearly 3 years, working with the likes of Bath & Body Works, DDB, and Marie Claire. She pins inspiration from cool hi-tops to other illustrators’ work and we frankly can’t get enough.

When did you start pinning?
"In February 2011, I can't believe it's already been over two years."

How do you use your Pinterest boards and which are your personal favourites?
"I follow lots of blogs, so I use Pinterest to collect interesting images I come across, whether they're street style, fashion editorials, or packaging design. I've recently got super into trainers, so I've been pinning a bunch to my ‘The Athletic Shoe’ board. I also love my ‘Girls in Glasses’ board, which is pretty self explanatory. I have a ‘Wishlist’ board where I pin stuff I come across while online window shopping, for future reference, and a ‘Jolly Jumpers’ board for excellent knitwear."

Do your pins ever inspire your illustrations?
"I sometimes refer to my ‘Colour’ board, for pleasing colour combos. In general, Pinterest is a super useful way to chronicle your likes, because sometimes themes or patterns float to the forefront without me even realising I'm into a certain thing. I went through a really pastel phase a while ago, lots of dusky pink and lilac. I seem to be drawn to shiny things, like sequins and metallics – total magpie. It's also great for finding image references for drawing. I used to just use Google images, but now I check Pinterest first."

Where do you find inspirational images?
"I follow just over a hundred blogs in my feed reader, so I go through those once a week. I repin from some of the people I follow on Pinterest too, but I try to make sure to only repin images with proper links back and credits. It bums me out when people pin from an uncredited Tumblr or something, you can usually find sources for anything with Src-Img."

What kind of images have you been pinning lately and why?
"Lots of springtime things, like flowers and bright colours because the weather here is killing me. Also street style photos by Vanessa Jackman, vintage illustrations and children's books, fashion editorials with Daphne Groeneveld (I love her face), and anything with cats on it."

Which pinners do you love?
Mallory pins all kinds of fun stuff.
Trini has awesome style.
Alicia is great for design pins.
Blair for travel porn and casual street style.
Kay for vintage kids illustration and toys.
Julia just has excellent taste in everything.
Rubi for great hair.
Shini for everything from fashion to interiors.
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A Girl, A Style
Political advisor by day, fashion and lifestyle blogger by night, Australian ex-pat Briony Whitehouse’s dreamy, rose-tinted aesthetic has amassed a cult following. Just like her blog, A Girl, A Style, and her Instagram, Briony’s Pinterest boards are whimsical and pastel-hued. From Parisian vistas to sparkly shoes, this is Pinterest escapism at its finest.

When did you start pinning?
"Last summer – I couldn't resist its lure any longer!"

How do you use your Pinterest boards, and do they inspire A Girl, A Style?
"For me, I see Pinterest more as an extension of my blog – adding another rose-tinted, visual dimension to A Girl, A Style – than strictly as a source of inspiration. That said, I'll often stumble across images which may inspire tomorrow's outfit or beauty look, products I want to buy or interiors styling or DIY projects I want to try."

Where do you find inspirational images?
"Everywhere from my favourite blogs and magazines, runway images and lookbooks from my favourite designers or brands to vintage photographs and images from my own inspirational folders on my computer."

What kind of images have you been pinning lately and why?
"A rose-tinted medley of my own original photographs taken from my blog and Instagram, Paris (I'm planning on spending a month there this summer), London (I love this city) and charming destinations I want to visit, style I love, beauty looks to try, my favourite seasonal pursuits, inspired interiors (to encourage me to pay as much attention to my home as I do to my wardrobe), and things that make me smile to brighten rainy English days."

Which pinners do you love? Natalie Hughes (thanks Briony!), Matchbook Magazine, Glitter Guide, Katie Armour, This Is Glamorous.

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Will Taylor is a 26-year-old Market Editor, freelance interiors journalist, super-blogger (with design blog, Bright.Bazaar) and is due to release his first book next year. We’re not sure when he finds the time to pin, but we – along with his 2.6 million followers – are glad he does. This self-confessed ‘gentleman hooked on hue’ pins eye-popping interiors and striking design ideas. It’s no wonder he has one of the most popular Pinterest boards in the world.

When did you start pinning?
"It was in 2010, I think; a long time ago!" You have a massive Pinterest following! Do you ever feel pressure to pin?
"I never feel pressure to pin because I find it such a therapeutic platform to use. In a world of online noise there's something soothing about getting lost in a myriad of inspiring images, some are just for wanderlust and others are more practical like DIY ideas or what to cook for dinner."

Any tips or tricks for budding pinners?
"Think about how best to arrange your boards so they are easy to navigate for other users on the site and keep the naming consistent across similar boards. Also, if you are keen on reaching new audiences consider pinning on the time zone of the country you are looking to engage with."

How do you use your Pinterest boards, and do they lend inspiration for your work?
"As well as using my Pinterest boards to catalogue my daily inspirations and trends that I see in my work as a blogger and Market Editor for magazines, I also find it a great resource to plan vacations, DIY projects to try, and inspired outfit ideas."

Where do you find inspirational images?
"Mainly from other blogs and websites but I also like to curate products from e-commerce sites because it ties in with the trend reports for my freelance work."

Which pinners do you love?
"I love the travel pins by Sycamore Street Press and the foodie pins by Honey and Jam."
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Fashion Me Now
Have a serious case of wanderlust? Indulge your global traveler within with Lucy Williams’ seriously summery pins. The Assistant Fashion & Beauty Editor for Stylus also happens to be an expert moodboard-maker, pinning far-flung places and tousle-haired beach beauties. Our favourite of her boards? Mexican Summer and Getaway. Oh, and be sure to check out her blog, Fashion Me Now – her latest snaps from a holiday in Tulum are definitely pin-worthy.

How do you use your Pinterest boards, and do they inspire your work and blog?
"I have staple boards that I pin to again and again using the Pin It button in my tool bar whenever I come across an image I love on Tumblr or on a blog. But slowly but surely these normally end up pointing out a subconscious trend I might be feeling at the time which is really useful for both work and my blog. My moodboard posts on my blog tend to be made up of a selection of my favourite recent pins and I always like to channel my excitement before a holiday or event into a new board! What I'm pinning definitely dictates what I'm into at the time, be it beaten-up leather sandals, 1960s photography, or Morroccan ceramics."

Where do you find inspirational images?
"All over the place. I have favourite blogs and Tumblrs like They All Hate Us and Jaclyn Paige that always have great images for fashion and interiors."

What kind of images have you been pinning lately and why?
"I started my Mexican Summer board earlier this year to house the many shots inspired by my recent holiday to Tulum and that's still one of my favourites right now. I think I've been pinning lots more colour and print as it gets closer to summer too and I have a bit of an all-year round obsession with turquoise water, leather jackets, and layered jewellery."

Which pinners do you love?
"Lissi Loves for transporting me back to Venice Beach with 1970s skateboarding shots, Studded Hearts and Wolf Cub for editorials and fashion and Beach Tomato for holiday and hotel inspiration."