5 Easy-Peasy Picnic Recipes From An S.F. Grub Guru

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    Just when S.F. is waking up to a late summer, everywhere we turn, there’s a fall preview. We say … not so fast! A picnic to celebrate the season’s delicious denouement is in order.

    To master the art of packing the perfect outdoor meal, we turned to San Francisco magazine's deputy editor Sara Deseran. She wrote the book on picnicking — um, literally, it’s one of our go-tos — and she’s the ultimate industry insider, having founded one of our most trusted apps, Chefs Feed, and is part of the utterly yummy Tacolicious restaurant family. Well, Sara’s put together a yummy menu — nary a bag of chips in sight — of five stress-free picnic-worthy dishes, including two yet-to-be-published recipes from her upcoming cookbook. It's way, way too early to be swaddled in chunky knits, so what are you waiting for? Find a patch of grass and dig in!

    Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile

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