15 Gallery Walls So Glorious, You'll Want To Copy Them, Stat

A large, empty wall can be a scary a thing, especially when you’re designing on a budget. A lack of art, frames, and special tools can make decorating feel all the more daunting when you're trying to devise a cost-effective plan of action. It’s a good thing that everyday items — postcards, mementos, and old photos — can look like masterpieces when hung up gallery-wall-style.

That’s not to say an original painting or print isn’t a great starting point for your gallery wall; it just means that cool visuals can come from a variety of unexpected sources. Scour flea markets, thrift shops, and even your own storage closet for old textbooks, concert flyers, and record covers — you’ll find a slew of cheap but compelling images. So whether you're dreaming of a full-fledged photo grid or something a little more salon-inspired, fret not: These 15 fabulous facades will help guide the way. No contractor — or original artwork — necessary.
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Photo by Brittany Ambridge for Domino.
A well-planned grid turns pretty photos into a striking centerpiece in no time. You can frame pages from an old geography textbook or magazine and hang them symmetrically to achieve a similar look.
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Photo: via @HomesteadSeattle.
Give your home office area an artful upgrade with a gallery wall in place of a traditional mood board. Start by hanging an inspiring print or a treasured objet d’art, and then just see where the road takes you.
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Photo: @seaofshoes via @dominomag.
A spirited mix of fun frames and interesting artifacts creates a rich and eclectic feel for any room, regardless of the actual artwork. Try incorporating a pendant lamp or a potted plant for an extra layer of luxe.
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Photo: via @apartmenttherapy.
Earth tones are always a safe way to create a subtly layered look. Try framing some softer images — worn book pages, photos, and concert flyers — in creamier shades of gold and nude for a mellow but modern display.
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Photo by Brittany Ambridge for Domino.
Simple frames in natural shades forge a floating effect against a pale wall. As do carefully placed decals.
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Photo: via @designlovefest.
Okay, so it obviously doesn’t hurt to have velvet parlor chairs and matching pink walls as your setting, but Sketch Gallery in London proves even simple drawings can make a major impact when displayed properly. Vintage book and magazine pages can look just as stunning when framed in bulk, too.
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Photo: via @claireesparros for @HomePolish.
Old-school maps and other time-worn pieces stand out nicely amid a natural palette. Try blending in some frisky fabrics — or even a metal mirror — to add some unexpected charisma to the scene.
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Photo via @bodieandfou.
Sleek, stick-on pictures and frames are moveable and reusable; no hammer and nails required.
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Photo: via @easanti for @designsponge.
Layer in some of your favorite found objects with assorted artwork — and shrubs — for a real mixed-media presentation. Also note: Ladders are surprisingly chic and multi-functional.
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Photo: via @Dustjacket_.
Gradient shades of gray look magical when grouped together, especially against a neutral wall. Try framing of few of your favorite black-and-white photographs in thin, white frames for an equally ethereal effect.
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Photo: via @TheEveryGirl_.
Turn an unflattering television screen into an opportunity for aesthetic greatness with some shapely accent pieces. A backdrop of linear artwork and graphic prints offers a thoughtful antidote to otherwise unsightly technology.
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Photo: via @Audra Rhodes and @allisynkmorgan for @designsponge.
Don’t forget a playful portrait of a pooch — or two — to liven up your sitting room. Although just about any mammal under the sun will do!
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Photo: via @dustinforest for @HomePolish.
No façade is too small for a gallery-wall installation; you can bring personality and panache to any surface with some properly placed pictures. Framed vinyl covers and grid-art frames will work wonders, especially in a tight space.
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Photo: via @Dustjacket_.
A commanding wall offers ample opportunity to make a salon-style statement. Anchor a large space by hanging a bigger picture left of the wall’s center, and then adding in different sizes of neutral frames as high or low as you’re willing to go.
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Photo: via @stylizimoblog.
Dark paint and a couple of beloved books or album covers might be all you need to revive a neglected bedroom corner. For this, floating shelves work best, although there are definitely ways to get creative.