5 Secrets For Finding "Me Space" In Even The Tiniest Of Apartments

Photo: Courtesy Anna Alexia-Basile.
Living in a small apartment is tough enough (one morning spent choosing an outfit, and the whole place is wrecked). Add a roommate or two to the mix, and it can get real, uh, cozy.

Finding a spot to get away for a little alone time is necessary to keep the peace — and your sanity — but, it can be difficult. So, to help you out, we’ve come up with a few tips for creating “me space.” From privacy-enhancing plants to floor pillows, click through for our best tips, tricks, and solutions.
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Get Some Privacy
If you want to get away but don’t have the luxury of a private bedroom, create a visual barrier by hanging curtains, positioning your bed behind a large piece of furniture, or using a few big plants to block the view. You might not be able to close a door, but being out of the direct sightline of your roommates gives the illusion of privacy and helps your space feel separate.
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Sheer curtains filter light when placed in a window, or can be used to divide a room. This pair's length is easily adjustable with iron-on curtain tape, and the panels are simple to hang with grommets.
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Hack your way to just a little bit more privacy by opting for a movable room-partition. The key is to find one that's durable and lightweight enough to tuck away when you're feeling social and fold back out when you want to hang around in your underwear.
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Large plants might be tricky to order in bulk online — but a small row of plants placed on top of a dresser, or used to obscure the view through open shelving? Totally reasonable.
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Photo: Courtesy Gunnar Larson.
Utilize Your Bed
You’ve already got one spot in the apartment that’s all yours — your bed. Get the most out of this cozy spot by putting it to use for your hobbies, too! Push the long side of the bed against the wall, add some pillows, and you’ve got the perfect impromptu couch for reading, TV-watching, and other general lounging. Use under-bed storage containers to hold craft supplies, magazine collections, or whatever else you might need for “me” time. Stash a breakfast tray down there, too, for quick access to a makeshift desk.
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A cute pillow offers lumbar support and is perfect for layering atop your bed or sofa.
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A tray can be used for corralling a meal in bed, or set it atop an ottoman or other seating element to create an impromptu tabletop.
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These bags will fit easily under your bed, or you can stash them in your closet.
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Photo: Courtesy Gunna Larson.
Rethink Furniture
There may not be room for every activity to have its own separate area, but using one piece of furniture in multiple ways can give you what you need in a fraction of the space. Clear a spot on a bookshelf to store your laptop and some pens, and presto: instant workspace. Use an old chest as a coffee table, so it can also function as storage (hello, secret stash of movie-night junk food). Prop a decorative mirror up on your desk, slide a small set of drawers underneath, and your work area is now also great for doing hair and makeup in the morning.
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This sleek mirror can be used vertically or horizontally.
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A set of color-coordinated boxes make a big statement when stacked atop one another, or use just a few to organize your desk necessities.
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This smartly designed mousepad can turn any shelf or table into a comfortable spot to get stuff done.
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Photo: Courtesy Sebastian Marin.
Claim “Dead” Spaces
Look around for areas that aren’t being used. That empty corner in the living room is a perfect spot for a corner bookshelf to hold your mystery novels, and the large windowsill is great for pulling up a floor cushion and getting some writing done. Behind a door is another great forgotten space — add a wire rack to store your "me time" necessities, or hang a fold-down desk for an occasional work area.
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This incredibly versatile shelving unit is an ideal small-space solution.
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These cute fabric baskets can be used to store and organize everything from cords to kitchenware, and can even work as planters.
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These gorgeous leather wall hooks are a smart storage option — roll up a magazine and tuck it inside, or work a cashmere throw through one to keep your couch clear.
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Make It Moveable
The perfect way to ensure you can always have access to your "me space" is to be flexible about its location. Fill a rolling cart with your favorite books, drawing supplies, nail polish collection — whatever your go-to solo activities are. Floor pillows and TV trays are also good options for having alone time wherever you can find a spot.
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Tiered shelving on wheels, what more could you ask for?
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Super basic yet super stylish, this table on wheels can be a desk, a dining table — whatever you need, whenever you need it.
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A jumbo floor cushion works in any room of the house — just make sure you dog doesn't claim it for his bed.