Peeped! The Coolest Fitting Rooms In Chicago

We're not saying we're picky (err...), but when we go shopping, we love some nice atmosphere. Head to the big chain stores, and dressing-room drama is pretty inevitable, but at some of Chicago's coolest smaller boutiques, the dressing-room experience can almost be as soothing and/or inspired as the goods. Those harsh warehouse fluorescents and cattle-pen effing-way. Something about zipping up a potential must-buy feels sexier when surrounded by mood lighting, sultry curtains, and chic decor. It's highly likely you'll walk away with a shopping bag or two from one of Chicago's best, but we think their closets of cuteness will make your visit equally memorable. Just click through for a sartorial peep-show...and if we've missed one of your faves, don't be shy...that's what the comments are for.
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Known for: Classic vintage styles you buy to make your friends jealous. And it works.
The vibe: A secret passage-style room you'll try to move into. They won't let you. Sigh.

Dovetail, 1452 West Chicago Avenue (at Chicago and Greenview avenues); 312-243-3100
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RSVP Gallery.
Known for: Wearable art thought up in a dream. If the designer was dreaming in comic books.
The vibe: Pay no attention to the very well-dressed girl behind the curtain! No doors. Be brave.

RSVP Gallery, 1753 North Damen Avenue (at Bloomingdale Avenue); 773-770-6666.
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Known for: Getting straight A's, perfect attendance, pretty much the head of the class.
The vibe: You are the most important person in the world, all eight mirrors agree.

Ikram, 873 North Rush Street (just North of Chestnut Street); 312-587-1000.

Photo by Amy Creyer.
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Bonnie & Clyde's.
Known for: Rick Owens, Christian Siriano, Y-3, and more cool points than we can count.
The vibe: A VIP room, but you don't have to slip the doorman a $50.

Bonnie & Clyde's, 1751 West Division Street, (between North Wood and North Hermitage avenues), 773-235-2680.
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Known for:You can try on clothes you're bidding for on eBay. We know, it blows the mind.
The vibe: The dressing room is your accessory. It makes your outfit look better.

eDrop-Off, 2117 North Halsted Street ( between Webster and Dickens avenues); 773-525-7467.