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There is no such thing as a typical Saturday night. So, there is no such thing as a typical going out dress code. You could be going to the party of the season, a casual potluck, a date at the new trendy spot, or out dancing with your friends. Maybe you’re really ambitious and have plans to do it all in one night. You manage to balance everything Monday through Friday, so who says you can’t have it all Saturday as well?

It doesn’t matter if the backdrop is your best friend’s messy apartment, or that club everyone’s talking about right now —you want people to remember your outfit. The perfect outfit, well, it could work anywhere. Here are the best dresses for any occasion. We’ll help you find that classic staple you can pull out every other weekend (and tips on how to style it so people won’t even recognize it!). We’ll also help you find that sparkly, statement piece for those nights you want a little more.

Next time someone invites you to an event, just go ahead and say yes. Your outfit is already covered. And really, isn’t that half the battle? You’ll never be able to get a guarantee on the night. It could be the best night, or it could be the worst. But, at least you will look amazing. The girl in the best dress always has the most fun, right?
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