4 Pantry Hacks For When You Just Don't Feel Like Grocery Shopping

Photographed by Davide Luciano; Food Styling by Jen Beauchesne; Prop Styling by Alex Brannian.
How do I get through February, a month that I'd argue to be the worst of the entire year? By hacking my pantry. That begins with a general avoidance of grocery shopping. Sure, I eventually need to pay occasional visits to my local market for some necessities (a.k.a. things that are not solely prepackaged and shelf-lifeless) — but I have perfected that visit to occur as infrequently as possible. So the rest of those wintry February evenings are spent warmly wrapped in my Snuggie, whipping up an easy meal, all while SVU softly coos its opening chords in the background. And now, you can too.

Because ALL of this is made possible via pantry hacks. These masterful moves will have you plating your favorite comfort food dish from a few packaged-goods and that leftover produce you've been meaning to use (or are dangerously close to throwing out) in no time. Click on and study up so that you too can hibernate through the rest of this bleak month.