5 Skin-Baring Outfits To Break Your Summer Style Rut

Last weekend, most New Yorkers saw the skyrocketing temps on their weather apps and immediately hunkered down in the nearest air-conditioned haven, be it their bedroom or local bar. Panorama revelers, on the other hand, sweat through three days of raucous live music, played with tech installations, and hit up the seemingly endless food trucks on Randall's Island. Cleary, the latter was the more fun choice. It was also the sweatier choice. So what was the secret to surviving the heat? A lot of SPF and very little clothing.

It's safe to say the extreme weather inspired an anything-goes attitude when the festivalgoers planned their outfits, proving with each minimal look that skin is in. From slinky, spaghetti-strap tanks and slip dresses to bare shoulders and midriffs, the ventilation was at peak performance. (We think the popsicles helped, too.) Below, see five gals who kept it 100 when it was almost too hot to function.

Have fun with this season's unconventional shirting trend with a voluminous strapless top, or dare to make your own by tying the sleeves of a button-up across your bust for a secure fit.
This attendee's M.O. is all about minimal fabric that barely touches her body. Recreate it with a white jumper and worn-in sneakers.
Sun-shielding hat? Check. Slinky slip dress? Check. Pulling off all-black everything in the dead of summer? Nailed it.
This pristine white palette gets a laid-back twist with round sunnies and a true slacker-style waist-tied shirt, which can totally work as a lawn blanket, too.
No shame in matching your outfit to a cool treat like this tropical popsicle. Go for head-to-toe sherbet hues for a look that projects a light and playful vibe.