What To Pack For Your Upcoming Trips, From A Jet-Set Expert!

True story: We once knew someone who resorted to vacuum-sealed bags to cram as much stuff as possible into a backpack for a long trip...most of which was completely unnecessary. This, ahem, anonymous, misguided backpacker could have benefited from the savvy advice of someone who knows what to pick and pack when traveling. Rachel Greenberg is just the lady to help us all. The blogger behind Suitcase Secrets gave us a crash course in Packing 101, and dished on the six most-valuable items you won't want to leave home without. Let's make a commitment to quit stuffing our bags with everything but the kitchen sink, and rely on this expert to make that last, pre-trip evening a little less painful.
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Pronto Dry Shampoo by Oscar Blandi – Who wants to fuss with her hair when you can be out exploring a new destination? Douse dirty tresses with a bit of dry shampoo and get back to your vacation, ladies!
Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, $11, available at Sephora.
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I’m all about saving space, and packing a pair of Chloe’s Dionne sunglasses is just about the chicest way in the world to do it! These genius shades are totally travel-ready. And just think, the case is so small, there may even be room for a second pair of sunglasses in your pocketbook now!
Chloe Sunglasses, $398, available at Shopbop.
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Staying organized on-the-go is essential to my sanity, so I’m constantly searching for cute cases that will help me store jewelry, toiletries, electronics and more. Right now, I’m coveting this in-flight leather trimmed travel case from Anya Hindmarch. The clear sides let you peek inside the pouch, granting easy-access to your tiny treasures.
Anya Hindmarch In-Flight Travel Case, $195, available at Net-a-Porter.
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There’s always down-time no matter where you’re traveling to, and in those moments, I like to throw on clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear, from brands like Kain, T by Alexander Wang, and Heather. This awesome twisted-back top from Heather is such a staple and so effortless, but then you turn around and it’s sexy too. Wear it when you’re lounging around, for a walk around the resort, or on the plane!

Top from Heather Fashion
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On the plane, at the beach, wherever...trust me, you’re going to want one of these. Cooling and cleansing, these no-mess towelettes are total bliss.
Yes To Carrots On-The-Go Towelettes, $2.99 for 10, available at Yes to Carrots.
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These gems are an absolute must for maneuvering around a big city! I’ve relied on mine to navigate Miami, Paris and Dubai, and I’ve never regretted it. With sections ranging from “Blah Blah” (the basics) to "Shopping Itineraries" and "Luxe Loves and Loathes," it’s even better than having your know-it-all BFF by your side!

Luxe City Guides, $9.99, available at Luxe City Guides.
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Still unsure what to scoop up before your big trip? Rachel answers readers’ “what should I pack” Qs here.

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Greenberg

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