Overweight Customers Pay More At Georgian Nail Salon

Michelle Fonville noticed that her bill for a manicure, pedicure, and eyebrow wax at Natural Nails in DeKalb County, Georgia didn't add up to the fare advertised, and she was told that the salon charged her $5 more because she was overweight. The salon denies charges of discrimination, and says that the extra fee is because the salon chairs aren't meant to hold more than 200 pounds, that repair costs might be as high as $2,500 (not to mention the tenuous claim that it takes longer to do the nails of overweight customers). Salon owner Kim Tran did refund Michelle the $5, but told her that she was not welcome back again. Whether this is a matter of preemptive insurance, non-clear salon rule disclosure, plain-faced discrimination, or unethical business practices, the video below is infuriating to watch. (Styleite)

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