Opal Hair Is The Latest Color Trend To Know

Photo: via @auracolorist.
If there's one thing that's certain, the colorful hair trend isn't slowing down any time soon. In fact, it's gaining steam. Case in point: opal hair. The latest take on rainbow hair includes multiple dreamy shades reminiscent of the gemstone, painted throughout the head. It's a close cousin to betta-fish hair, and was dreamed up by the fairy godmother of color: Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger Downtown salon.
So, why opal? "It's my birthstone," Friedman explains. "I've always played around with variations of color, like being able to see different shades when the light hits in different ways." This look actually has a handful of variations — ranging from blue opals to mother of pearl. "I love iridescent colors, so I just like to do them over and over again, expressing them in different ways."
Be forewarned, though: This dye job is the opposite of low-maintenance. "When you're working with nuanced color, they do tend to fade quickly," she says. This is especially true if you dye your hair platinum in order to achieve the look.
Click through to see all of Friedman's stone-inspired variations. Just because summer is ending, doesn't mean it's too late to embrace your inner mermaid.
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Photo: via @auracolorist.
Blue Opal
Friedman recommends starting a blue opal-inspired color with platinum hair to help add shine to each hue. "Opals tend to reflect a bunch of colors when you look inside, and the platinum adds a sparkle to the shades," she explains.
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Photo: via @auracolorist.
Fire Opal
For fire, Friedman starts out with darker hair to ensure the colors are a bit more saturated and brighter.
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Photo: via @auracolorist.
Fresh Water Pearl
"Fresh water pearls have a distinct gray tone, but they subtly reflect other colors," Friedman explains. So she starts out with a grayish platinum, and then paints in small bits of pink and lavender.
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Photo: via @auracolorist.
Mother of Pearl
"These tones tend to be on the darker side," Friedman explains. "They have a silvery sheen, but the reflective colors are all in the pastel family."
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Photo: via @auracolorist.
Black Opal Pearl
Scared to commit to full opal? This option is for you. Friedman paints the shades on the under section of the hair to give just a subtle hint of color.
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