15 Easy Tips For Taking A Better #OOTD Pic

Photo: Via @eleonoracarisi.
It can be difficult to stand out in a sea of #OOTD photos on Instagram — and by sea, we mean the hashtag itself, which has over 80 million posts and counting. With everyone showing off their personal style (whether they call themselves a blogger or not), a simple mirror shot or straight-on photo against a wall might not cut it anymore. So, how can you best showcase your outfit and share it with the world, yet still look unique enough to make your friends and followers stop mid-scroll?

To get those double-taps, you've got to get seriously creative — and there are a few tricks to know. Click on for 15 ways to nail the perfect #OOTD. Consider this your beginner's guide to taking that standout shot, guaranteed to give you that "heart" every single time.
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Try Using An Actual Camera
If you're going to stick to the tried-and-true mirror shot, try using a digital camera to make sure the quality is the highest it can be. There are even cameras these days that can send your photos to your phone over Wi-Fi (bright, natural light helps, too).
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Photo via @bonjourclem.
Embrace Golden Hour
While you can't go wrong with natural daylight, there's something special about the "Golden Hour," the time of day shortly after sunrise or before sunset. It creates a moodier, glowing feel — just make sure you're using a phone or camera that works well in lower light.
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Photo via @jennymwalton.
Take Two
There's nothing wrong with taking multiple shots and stitching them together with an app; it allows you to capture more than one angle of your outfit or accessories. Here, Jenny Walton is able to show the front of her coat in the first frame and the bag and heel of the boots in the second.
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Photo via @naomishimada.
Set It In Motion
Thanks to the iPhone's video capabilities and Instagram's Boomerang app, it's easy to set your outfits in motion. A video or GIF adds some movement to any garment and helps your look stand out on the feed.
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Photo via @samimiro.
Use The Outtakes
Avoid looking too forced or posed by taking advantage of those in-between shots. Sure, you may not technically be "ready," but you are looking natural and candid — and what's better than that?
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Photo via @shionat.
Go Monochrome
Any winning #OOTD has an amazing backdrop, but one way to amp up the impact is to find a wall that mirrors your outfit, rather than contrasts it. Here, a bright blue wall plays up an all-blue look.
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Photo via @damselindior.
Take A Seat
You don't always have to stand for an #OOTD. Especially in romantic dresses or comfy loungewear, a sitting mirror shot is a fun way to change things up and get your whole look inside the frame. This blogger even created a hashtag for the pose: #damseling.
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Photo via @lalanana7.
Buddy Up
Your #OOTD has double the impact when you get together with an equally decked-out friend for a matchy-matchy situation. Not only are you giving off major #girlpower vibes, but the best accessory is a stylish a pal.
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Photo via @giaxseo.
Graffiti Is Your Friend
An artsy background will never steer you wrong, especially when it plays on the pattern you're wearing. Remember, a print-mixing composition is both eye-catching and colorful.
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Photo via @sincerelytommy_.
Back It Up
The back of your outfit deserves some love, too, especially when it looks this good. Get creative with your positioning by raising your arms and showing off some accessories.
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Photo via @eleonoracarisi.
Note Doors & Floors
When you go wide with your #OOTD frame, pay attention to your surroundings. Look for doors, floors, façades, and any other architectural structure to take your look to the next level.
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Photo via @thatschic.
Take A Walk
If you have a friend taking your photo, but feel awkward just standing, try strutting across the street. Your photo will have that ultimate, street style feel while still looking natural and effortless.
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Master the Great Indoors
Sometimes, you're on your own for your #OOTD shot. To make it work, set up a go-to mirror "station" in your own home or apartment, with great lighting and flattering framing. That way, you have a reliable place to head when you're feeling your look.
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Photo via @nadiaaboulhosn.
Plants Are A Plus
Everyone loves flowers, trees, and cacti, right? So, if you're ever at a loss for a photo background, you can never go wrong with some oversized, green-minded scenery.
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Photo via @kaiaventdeleon.
Dance It Out
Smile wide. Kick up your heels. Be a goofball. This will only make your #OOTD photo that much more lovable. Because when you feel good, you look good.
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