Things I Would Buy If I Didn't Have To Pay Rent

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Hi, friends! This week, I spent most of my internet-perusal time scouring sales. The options are infinite, but the timing is not. Do you, too, think it's odd that sites don't actually tell you when discounts are going to come to an end? It really puts the pressure on, doesn't it? That's why we're dedicating this week's shopping list to tons of items that cost less than they normally do. (Yay!) Join me in eternal contemplation: Which is more important, retail therapy or paying rent?
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Great outfit for that Scooby-Doo themed party you'll inevitably be invited to, where you'll dress as Thelma, because Daphne is too obviously hot.

Vintage '
60s Geometric Abstract Print Dress, $285, available at Etsy.
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I love you, lil goth mermaid shoes.

Jake Mesh Sandals, $580 $406, available at MyTheresa.
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There is absolutely no excuse I can think of to justify the purchase of this comb.

Vintage Horse Comb, $345 $276, available at TheRealReal.
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A bodysuit with no snap closure is just mean. Luckily, this one is fully equipped for all bathroom breaks.

Nasty Gal
Straight To You Bodysuit, $42, available at Nasty Gal.
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One of my favorite things about this column is going to websites and selecting the "price from high-to-low" tab without shame, because it's all for YOU GUYS.

Appliqued Silk-organza Gown, $32,900 $19,740, available at Net-A-Porter.
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The perfect shoe for when you're feeling nostalgic about third grade.

Beaded Leather Sandal With Floral-lucite Heel, $1,975 $1,481, available at Neiman Marcus.
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Remember when boyfriend jeans were all the rage and Katie Holmes was constantly paparazzi'd wearing them, even though she's like 10 inches taller than Tom Cruise?

Basic Rights
Slim Blue Jean, $160, available at Basic Rights.
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I will look so nice wearing this to prance around the gallery circuit. I will be drinking a healthy-but-delicious smoothie and giggling with my beautiful, smart gal pals.

Brigette Top, $165, available at Cienne.
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Went to see The Met's Manus x Machina show and now I want to pleat everything in my closet.

Issey Miyake Pleats Please
Charcoal Sleeveless Jumpsuit, $535 $374.50, available at Totokaelo.
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Okay, I don't have to dip into my rent budget for these, but I am equal-parts fascinated and repelled by them, so I'm just going to leave 'em here instead of purchasing.

One Piece PC Lens Rimless Sunglasses, $15, available at Sunglass.LA.

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