12 Unapologetic Reasons Why I Hate Shopping Online

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What I'm about to air is an unpopular opinion, especially in this day and age. But before you judge me, hear me out: I hate shopping online. I know. I know. Several of my colleagues turn a blind eye when I mention the mere thought of it, seeing as half of our office considers Amazon Prime a necessity rather than a luxury. But I just can't.

After one too many glitches and failed experiences, I've realized virtual retail therapy truly isn't for me. And in the slideshow ahead, I'll take you through every reason why. Hopefully, while you're in the midst of your own online shopping excursion — Cyber Monday is coming, people — you'll rethink those five to 10 business days and just make the trek to the store yourself (just, maybe not on Black Friday. We'll all sit that one out).
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Nothing ever fits.
Is there anything more frustrating about vanity sizing? Why am I a 28 in one brand and a 31 in another? Get it together, stores.
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The exchange process is...a process.
Oh, you want me to ship these back and wait another five to ten business days to get the item I actually need? Oh, I can’t return this in-store because I "bought it online?" By the time you get what you want, you could have walked down the street, exchanged it, and picked up a little something else.
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E-commerce photos can be deceiving.
“The model is wearing a medium.” But what if I’m not your version of medium? I’ve got my eyes on you, Zara!
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By the time you get to checkout, it’s sold out.
How? How does this happen.
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What’s in-store isn’t always online.
Ever ordered something online and went to try another size in the store only to be told it’s an “online exclusive?"
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Delivery fees are expensive as hell.
You know what it’s like to arrive at checkout and see that delivery fee that’s more than a fraction of the price. Sorry, but if if my total is $41 and shipping is $9, that’s $50, which is half of $100 — I'm out.
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And I can’t afford to have it now.
Look, I hate waiting and I’m not afraid to admit it. Half the time I think of something I want, I’ve already needed it for two weeks. Now you want me to wait seven to nine business days for it? I don't know about all that, buddy.
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Sometimes there are in-store discounts that aren’t online.
Yeah, we’ll never understand this one.
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You run the risk of doing it a little too often.
We all have that friend who buys everything online. Consider Amazon Prime a gateway drug to frittering away your retirement savings on Net-A-Porter.
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Unlike most millennials, I enjoy human interaction.
What happened to the art of customer service? And what if your friend isn’t there to help you pick out an outfit for that date you’ve been waiting all week to go shopping for? Sales associates are great stand-ins.
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Gift cards.
Gifting someone who doesn’t shop online a with money that only functions online is just cruel.
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Quality over quantity.
Ever thought to yourself, Well, it didn’t look like this in the photo? Pro-tip: Polyester comes in many forms. Be vigilant, shoppers.