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One Brilliant Business Idea To Check Out This Weekend

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    We are beyond bummed we didn't think of this first. The most naturally obvious, yet non-existent until now business idea for Chicago is a bike and coffee shop in one. Heritage Bicycles General Store recently opened in Chicago, and offers patrons the unreal convenience of ordering a cup of coffee and buying a custom bike at the same time. Why is this so appealing? Maybe it's the simplicity of two of Chicago's favorite things in one place. Maybe it's just that we've got a new spot to cruise single people. Who cares, we love this! From the interior design to the concept, we're sold, and here's hoping more Heritage-inspired two-in-ones pop up all around town. Until then, take a quick virtual tour of the place, and then get back to the real world and get there yourself.
    Heritage Bicycles General Store, 2959 North Lincoln Avenue (just south of Wellington Avenue); 773-245-3005.

    Photo: Melissa O'Neal/Courtesy of Heritage

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