10 Artists Breaking All The Rules

Who's more daring: The woman who re-imagines stripping as social commentary or the one who overhauls the artistic style that made her famous? In truth, that's the wrong question to ask. Both are incredible. They represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tremendous pool of talent making waves in the art world.

And, in our book, there's nothing bolder — or more beautiful — than a woman who does what she wants and makes no apologies for it. Which is precisely what we're celebrating here today. With some help from the tastemakers at Revlon, we're paying tribute to a few of the gutsiest artists out there in the latest installment of "Beauty Nation: The New Provocateurs."

These 10 inventive women will challenge everything you think you know about "creative types." Whether they’re using their hands, a camera, or even their naked bodies to tell a story, these artists are creating works that challenge how we see the world. So, if trailblazers and envelope-pushers are your thing, keep reading. You might find your definition of beauty upended.

Olivia Locher

What do underwater bicycles, too-tight pants, and dildos have in common? They've all been captured on camera by Olivia Locher. Her series I Fought The Law is a collection of photos portraying inane state laws you won’t believe are still in the books. (Apparently, it’s illegal to have more than two dildos in your house in Arizona — talk about a mood-killer.) That's why we're so enamored with Locher's art. It playfully draws us in with tongue-in-cheek imagery while forcing us to think about more serious matters.
When she's not breaking the law, Locher has an eye for more conventional, everyday beauty, and knows how to color, frame, and even paint in order to get a still photo to really pop — morphing it from a one-dimensional snap into a 3-D work of art. She’s a trust-your-gut kind of girl — a quality that will likely take her a long way.
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Why I trust my gut
"I think that’s how you learn if stuff works. A lot of the time, the first instinct is just the initial step to laying out a major project. I feel like a lot of people get in trouble by not trusting their ideas. If an idea pops into your head a few times, you should probably give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, then it’s not the end of the world."
How I use my femininity in my art
"I shoot a lot of girls who aren’t professional models, just to show that people are beautiful naturally. I’m interested in showing all of the different sides of womanhood."
What makes me feel glamorous
"I love a pop of color — it’s really interesting how it can change a photo, and how it can change a face. I’m all about enhancing what you have. And, fake lashes are the best — they make your eyes pop, make you look more awake. It’s a nice final touch."
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Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; hair by Bethany Brill; styled by Laura Pritchard.