Olfactive Studio Proves That A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Notes

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    Distinct fragrances certainly have the power transport us mentally to another place and time. However, French perfumer Céline Verleure had a much more specific idea of where that place would be when she launched Olfactive Studio. What began as a blog — specifically, the "blog for the fragrance that doesn't (yet) exist" — soon became Verleure's luxurious collection of inspired scents, which now makes its U.S. arrival.

    The concept is beyond unique: a collective vision among the seasoned perfumer and her social media following. Yes, we're talking about a crowd-sourced fragrance, people. After Olfactive Studio's Facebook fans weighed in, Verleure called the final shots, assigning one photograph to one perfumer. Each duo then created a scent that they believe captured the spirit and essence of the still. The process then pulled a complete 360, with the final product, wrapped in beautiful photography-themed packaging — a crowd-sourced selection, as well — placed back into the hands of the photographer who snapped the fragrance one last time. If there were a way to bottle meta, this would be it.

    From spicy to deep woodsy notes, light citrus accents to hints of leather, the five unisex Olfactive Studio fragrances each provide a distinct experience. Check out the picture-meets-perfume line ahead, and find them available on this side of the pond at Bergdorf Goodman.

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