The Unexpected Staple Your Closet Needs

It's easy to assume the sweater you specifically picked up for your office holiday party won't be worn more than once. But that kind of tunnel vision is exactly how great pieces wind up sitting in your closet catching dust. In reality, as long as you avoid glittery accouterments, we're betting you can pull off that knit long after the carols stop.

To test out our theory, we grabbed five cheery sweaters from Old Navy and attempted to downplay the Santa-red hues and bold Fair Isle patterns either through creative layering, texture play, or going full-on monochrome. The result? Winter-proof outfits you should bookmark for January and beyond. Who you callin’ a one-trick pony now?
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Try Monochrome
Sticking to a simple color palette (in this case, shades of gray and blue) can help detract attention from a bright, festive design. And while the pinstripe pants draw your eyes away from the Fair Isle print, a long-line bomber and high-top sneakers bring a casual feel to the look that you wouldn't typically find if this were styled for a party.
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Up The Textures
To disarm a busy sweater pattern, load up your look with a ton of playful textures. The combination of suede culottes and booties, fuzzy socks, and a fur-trimmed parka distract from the holiday vibes, yet still complement the showpiece.
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Give It A Punk Twist
Nothing cancels out the holiday spirit quite like irreverent punk vibes. Pair this candy-cane-red top with plaid pants, moto buckle boots, and a personalized touch of statement pins to make this ensemble much more your speed. A clean, ankle-grazing overcoat keeps it from erring too edgy.
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Wear It Under A Dress
Tone down the festive vibes with a minimalist jumper dress, layering it atop the sweater and adding a belt to ensure a flattering fit. Knee-high boots will keep you warm, as will this classic camel blazer.
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Bring In Tailored Pieces
Slipping a vest over a super chipper sweater is a smart way to neutralize and polish the look. Keep the rest of the outfit unfussy and simple with dark skinny jeans, a deep-navy clutch, and sleek heeled loafers.

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