This Mall Brand Just Got Us Stoked For Summer

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    Don't get us wrong: We're not surprised to find awesome clothing at the mall. After all, we did it for years in high school. (And, we still can't resist the appeal of an outlet.) But, for anyone who's moved from an area where there's a mall less than 15 minutes away or who's been stocking their closet with indie designers for years, mega retail centers may not be on your radar. But, they should be. And, as these pictures prove, Old Navy is one to watch.

    You're probably already familiar with some of the wares Old Navy stocks because of the brand's catchy TV commercials. But, we have to point out how cool and effortless the summer '14 collection is. The retailer knows how to make a crisp, clean-lined silhouette seriously pop. There are spaghetti-strap sundresses in a bright-coral shade, cropped trousers in vibrant florals, structured button-downs in a sophisticated camo, and denim galore that we'd happily while away the warmer temps in.

    And, the new lineup of photos even provides a few styling tips, such as buttoning up your denim vest and wearing it as a tank top, or colorblocking within the same family (e.g., three shades of blue in one harmonious blend). Click ahead to see the full summer collection, which arrives in stores this May. Then, hop in a car, escape the crowded city blocks, and get thee to a mall.

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