Style Secrets From Hot Local Songstress Oh Land!

Sixteen, 17, 18, 193…Unfortunately, we wouldn't be lying if we told you that's the number of times we've hit replay on Oh Land's "Sun Of A Gun." The runaway hit from the stunning Danish singer (real name Nanna Øland Fabricius), is as infectious as her inspired fashion—part Bjork, part David Bowie, with an earthy elegance achieved with the help of designers like Balmain, Sonia Rykiel, and M Missoni—which has made her, willingly or not, a teen style icon along the lines of Kate Bosworth or Alexa Chung. Née the daughter of an opera singer mother and an organist father, the songstress was originally poised to be a ballerina before a slipped disc and spinal fracture eventually led her to cross the pond (Brooklyn to be exact). Ever since switching continents, Oh Land has enjoyed considerable success—Sony's Epic Records released the electro-pop artist's eponymous album in the U.S. more than a month ago; Her videos have since racked up almost 10 million plays on YouTube, perhaps abetted by musical turns on Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman. And in a move typical of the Copenhagen-bred crooner, she recently took up a 4-night residency at the Charles Bank Gallery—letting the L.E.S. P.B.R.-pounders in on her singular voice. Despite her hectic schedule, the Nordic beauty invited us to her art performance for some shots (no, not Akvavit) and conversation. We got the skinny on her style influences, the Big Apple experience, and her mini-playlist—plus some signature style snaps. We think it's time to scratch out "next" from The Next Big Thing.
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Firstly, what's going on with you and your music right now?
"I just released my album, and, right now, I'm playing shows with Francis and the Lights and Scissor Sisters. I will be touring the U.S. and Europe [over] the next few months, and soon I’m gonna do my next music video for 'White Nights.' I’m so excited."

You come from a very musical family. Any plans of ever collaborating with your parents?
"I often make my parents help me with stuff. On my first record, my mom sang opera in a song, and for the "Lean" string quartet video that was released recently, my dad and I did the string arrangement together. It’s really fun to collaborate with them."

Oh Land wears a Henrik Vibskov flamingo suit.
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Who are some of your style influences, both musically and not?
"I grew up with a lot of classical music, and, later on, I was introduced to electronic music and rhythmic. The Beatles, The Prodigy, Portishead, and Bjork all played a big role. My sister was my style icon growing up. She studied to be a designer and was 11 years older than me. So, she would bring back fashion magazines for me from London where she lived at the time. We loved Prada and Adidas, I remember."

You've said before that your mom made you clothes when you were you still wear any of her creations?
"Yes, I have a really beautiful beaded cape that she made for me with silk on the inside. It's beautiful. She makes a lot of stuff for me, and also repairs my favorite things when they break."

Oh Land wears Miu Miu boots.
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What's your favorite outfit to wear on stage?
"Right now it is a piece that my friend Maja did with Carlo Alcantra under the name, 'Ursidae.' It's a beautiful kimono-inspired dress with an amazing bird print! I feel like a bird when I wear it. It has magical powers."

Tell us about your pup!
"I've always been a cat person, but an animal lover in general, and I so wished to have a pet. I grew up with chickens, tortoises, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. When I met my dog Ujan, it was love at first sight, though I had to get over the fact that he was not a cat. But one of the great things about Ujan is that he loves traveling. He sticks his little head out and flaunts his huge under-bite."

Oh Land wears a vintage hat and KTZ dress.
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What was the biggest culture shock when you first moved to Brooklyn?
"The biggest shock was probably that the energy was at such a different level. New York is on speed. Denmark is very laid-back and chill. Copenhageners are called the Latinos of the North. New York style is generally a bit more black, sculptural, and rock- inspired. Less feminine. Copenhagen style is more gypsy-like and is more playful and wacky. We also dress more colorful in Copenhagen."

Oh Land wears Christian Louboutin metallic oxfords.
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Do you have a pre-show ritual? Any lucky tokens?
"I walk around in circles doing vocal warm-ups. Walking is good for keeping nervous energy away."

Oh Land wears a vintage hat, KTZ dress, and Christian Louboutin metallic oxfords.
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Moving is hard enough, a move across the Atlantic must have been overwhelming. What were the five things you had to bring with you?
"I’m a bit of a nomad. I like traveling around, and I like not owning a lot of big stuff. I don’t even have a closet. I only have my suitcase 'cause I never unpack. I always bring my sketchbook, a hat, my old Leica camera, glitter, and a pillow."

Oh Land wears a Christopher Kane tank dress and a Lauren Baglio shoulder piece.
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You’ve talked about your music being influenced by children’s books. Would you say the same about your style, too?
"I guess I've never really grown up when it comes to style. I have a lot of Hello Kitty stuff, and I love everything that is fun and silly, like a snow-globe glitter ring. I'm definitely drawn toward kitsch."

Oh Land wears a Sonia Rykiel jacket and Dr. Martens boots.
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What do you listen to when:
You’re homesick: "Schumann, 'Three Romances.'"
Getting ready to go out: "Mike Snow, 'Animal.'"
On a flight: "James Blake, 'Wilhelm Scream.'"
Trying to get inspired: "'Silence.'"

What's your beauty regimen like?
"Lipstick. It makes a smile seem bigger."

If you could have a theme song, what would it be?
"The Strauss theme song from Space Odyssey 2001. Very dramatic, anticipating, and over-the-top fun!"

Oh Land wears a Sonia Rykiel jacket and Dr. Martens boots. Photos by Anna Rose, to see more of Anna Rose's work go to