All The Ways Off-The-Shoulder's Been Done This Summer

Photographed by Christian Vierig.
We might not have a song of the summer in 2016, but we definitely have a trend of the summer. For those of us at Refinery29, the off-the-shoulder top has become the most reliable sight in NYC (even more than off-duty models, discarded pizza crusts, and Pidgeys). You can't board the subway without seeing one, go into a restaurant without admiring one, or even show up to work without encountering one. The shoulder-baring shirt is everywhere. So...where do we go from here?
While the traditional, single-ruff top is the vanilla of the bunch, there are dozens more flavors. Some feature cut-outs, some utilize extreme ties, but all call for a lot more shoulder action than you may been used to. Ahead, check out some of the ways women around the world are expressing this trend.