Obsessed! 5 Cheap-Chic Sunglasses Under $10

There's no denying we love obscenely expensive sunglasses. But if you're among those shade-wearers who likes to leave their sunnies in friends' cars, at restaurants, or God knows where, well, here's a guilt-free lead that'll keep you UV-protected without draining your bank account. In fact, each of these pretty pairs of cheap sunglasses won't run you more than $10. For an L.A. girl who loves some chic shade, you really can't go wrong.
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Kind of Brat-Packy Tortoise shades, Wanderlust, $10
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The White Ava shades (suspiciously Ted-Lapidus-looking, too), 80s Purple, $10
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The No-Brainer Coverup shades, $5.99, Papaya
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The Pretty Unusual Green shades, $4.99, Papaya
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Giant Jackie-Inspired shades, Wanderlust, $10