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NYC's Hottest Door Guys And Girls Dish Their Secrets!

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    Ever walk up to a club feeling ready to groove and get stopped at that dreaded velvet rope with an impartial, "sorry guys, not tonight"? Yeah…uh…us either. But it never hurts to get a little more scoop on the otherwise unknowable doormen and women — the true gatekeepers of the night — since they're the ones that can end your party before it even starts. We spoke to the coolest clipboard cuties at the hottest night spots to take a closer look at what they wear, their fave dance party music, and even how to skip the line and get inside (if you play your cards right!). And believe us, these downtown door divas have seen it all — after parties, after-after parties, and even some stripper catastrophes — and we've got all the dirt on how to make them your new BFFs. They're already ours (right guys?!).

    Click through to peep exclusive interviews and photos with some familiar personalities from our favorite NYC hot-spots — you're getting in tonight!

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