The 15 Best Spots In NYC For A Hungover Brunch

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This time of year (a.k.a., peak polar vortex season), nothing warms New Yorkers' vitamin D-deficient souls like a truly indulgent hungover breakfast. You know, the kind of meal that kicks those alcohol remnants right out of your system, kisses that headache goodbye, and settles your stomach just enough to put you right back to sleep in a happy food coma.
Of course, if the hangover is really epic, your breakfast might come around lunchtime, but that's totally fine. A hefty helping of cheese-topped burger, Southern fried chicken and waffles, and the cheesiest mac and cheese around is delightful — and totally satisfying — at any time of day.
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Cheeky Sandwiches
Po' boys, Zapp's potato chips, and hot "ben-yays" bring the ultimate in NOLA comfort food to a pint-sized sandwich shop on the Lower East Side. The half-and-half, with fried shrimp and oysters, comes fully dressed in shredded lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, hot sauce, and pickles. That with a bag of salty-spicy-addictive Voodoo-flavored crisps, and you're bound to feel your aches and pains quickly drift away.

Cheeky Sandwiches, 35 Orchard Street (between Canal and Hester streets); 646-504-8132.
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Amy Ruth's
The grande dame of New York City soul food, with serious Southern Authenticity in both taste and atmosphere. You know those hangovers that make you just want to curl up and have someone take care of you? Yeah, this is that kind of place. Crispy fried chicken, tender fried whiting, unreal fried shrimp...basically, if it's fried at Amy Ruth's, it's finger-lickin' good. You could always go rogue with cheesy grits or collard greens, but if you decide to go all out on a crispy, carb-loaded feast (and order a few rounds of the Kool-Aid of the day), well, there's certainly no judgment there.

Amy Ruth's, 113 West 116th Street (between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Malcolm X boulevards); 212-280-8779.
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Oda House
If you haven’t had khachapuri, this Georgian restaurant is where you start. Puffy ovals of warm bread are filled with everything (and we mean everything) from creamy cheese and poached eggs to spiced ground beef to mashed pinto beans. Obviously, we're fans of any sort of cheese-carb combo (especially after a long night out), but Oda's "butter pizza" is especially comforting, indulgent, and totally worth the inevitable food coma that follows.

Oda House, 76 Avenue B (at East 5th Street); 212-353-3838.
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Pig And Khao
Former Top Chef-er Leah Cohen's spicy and fragrant Southeast Asian food will cure anything that ails you. Order the khao soi (a heartwarming soup with red curry, coconut milk, chicken, egg noodles, pickled mustard greens, and shallots) if your stomach could use something soothing, or splurge on a crafty version of steak and eggs, topped with spicy issan sauce. Yum.

Pig and Khao, 68 Clinton Street (between Stanton and Rivington streets); 212-920-4485.
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The Bao
This East Village spot takes soup dumplings to the next level with fresh, luxe ingredients and unique flavors. We're talking King crab, wasabi pork, and the ever-popular super-spicy versions. Really, what's better than a little dim sum to get the day going? Your hangover will thank you.

The Bao, 13 Saint Marks Place (between Cooper Square and Second Avenue); 212-388-9238.
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With brunch every damn day, this New Orleans joint is perfect for that midweek happy-hour hangover that all the Starbucks in the world just can't get rid of. The menu focuses on the ultimate in comfort-food staples: chicken fried steak and eggs, shrimp and grits, catfish po' boys, and Cajun pulled pork. Their Voodoo Bloody Mary (with shrimp and crab meat) is bound to cure any and all troubles.

Catfish, 1433 Bedford Avenue (between Prospect and Park places), Brooklyn; 347-305-3233.
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Brindle Room
One of New York's most lauded burgers is a surefire way to power through those struggles of the day. Sebastian's Steakhouse Burger has the distinct taste of a dry-aged, high-end steak (nom!) and is served with cheese, thick-cut fries, and a pile of sweet, caramelized onions. It's a meal that's begging for an ice-cold beer companion — because sometimes, the only trick to get over a hangover is the hair of the dog, right?

Brindle Room, 277 East 10th Street (between First Avenue and Avenue A); 212-529-9702.
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Wilma Jean
This casual spot may be home to every single one of your guilty pleasures. That's why it's pretty much heaven on earth. Go for the gold and order some fried pickles, fried chicken breasts with buttermilk dressing, and a hefty bowl of melted pimento cheese with crispy tortilla chips. Oh, and make sure to get a side of mac 'n' cheese, tater tots, and cornbread with salted molasses butter (because you've earned it). It's casual, it's homey, and it's everything you dreamed of eating last night right after you took that fourth tequila shot.

Wilma Jean, 345 Smith Street (between Carroll Street and First Place), Brooklyn; 718-422-0444.
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Sunshine Co.
Score gourmet twists on your favorite classics, without pretension or sky-high price tags. Enjoy everything from ricotta-and-apple-cranberry cheese toast to Brussels sprouts, bacon, and potato hash, and cinnamon rolls with maple-bourbon glaze. As a bonus, the prices top out at $16 for strip steak and eggs, so it's really easy on the wallet and equally good for the too-much-Champagne spins.

Sunshine Co., 780 Washington Avenue (between Sterling and Park places), Brooklyn; 347-750-5275.
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Siggy's Good Food
Treat your body like a temple (since you probably didn't last night) with the organic, seasonal food at this healthy joint. A little lentil-garlic soup for the hungover soul? How about some breakfast burritos and Shakshuka? Just go ahead and order it all.

Siggy's Good Food, 76 Henry Street (between Pineapple and Orange streets), Brooklyn; 718-237-3199.
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You come here for one big reason (literally) — Wisconsin’s greatest export, the Juicy Lucy. It's a short-rib burger stuffed with creamy, piquant pimento cheese and topped with pickles and caramelized onions. The result is the gooey-est, cheesiest burger you've ever enjoyed — and one that's guaranteed to soak up all the booze. Just don't forget to order a side of fried pickles.

Whitmans, 406 East 9th Street (between First Avenue and Avenue A); 212-228-8011.
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The Upper East Side gets a hit of Creole and Cajun flavor with this Louisiana brunch. Kiss your headache goodbye with a fully dressed roast-beef-and-debris po' boy, made from the browned, discarded bits left at the bottom of the roast-beef pan. They might look gross, but they taste like heaven. If you're feeling ambitious (and not too woozy), upgrade to unlimited drinks for $15. There's nothing like curing an alcohol-induced migraine with many a round of Bloody Marys, mimosas, and hurricanes, right?

Infirmary, 1720 Second Avenue (between 89th and 90th streets); 917-388-5212.
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Hometown Bar-B-Que
The biggest, honkin' beef rib that you're likely to see (and devour) this side of the Mississippi. This mammoth cut of meat is seasoned simply with salt and pepper and then smoked for up to 14 hours, so it tastes great alongside some sriracha hot wings (a must!) and Texas-style queso mac 'n' cheese. Plus, the laid-back atmosphere looks great with a pair of sweatpants, so there's no need to change out of your pajamas while feeding your primal cravings.

Hometown Bar-B-Que, 454 Van Brunt Street (at Reed Street), Brooklyn; 347-294-4644.
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The Derby
Southern hospitality smack dab in the middle of the Big Apple — what could be better? Soothe that pounding headache with a fried-green-tomato BLT, crispy fried chicken and waffles, or a homemade biscuit with jalapeno-maple butter and strawberry jam. By the time you leave, you'll be whistlin' Dixie...all the way back to your bed.

The Derby, 167 Orchard Street (at Stanton Street); 212-777-8469.
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Korzo Haus
Because, Hungarians do breakfast right. Craving something salty? And, something sweet? Order some langos (a doughnut-like flatbread) dipped in custard and served with bananas, chocolate-hazelnut spread, and cinnamon mousse alongside the Wunderwurst platter sampler (it has three types of sausages). Remember those pants you wore on Thanksgiving? Yeah, it's time to resurrect them.

Korzo Haus, 667 Fifth Avenue (between 19th and 20th streets), Brooklyn; 718-499-1199.