10 Up-And-Coming Artists To Buy Before They're Famous

We know we're not technically in a recession anymore, but it still feels like choosing between dinner at Fedora last weekend and dry cleaning those white summer jeans was a way harder decision than it ought to have been. While we don't have an office lottery pool, we're never averse to some extra pocket change. Enter Art Production Fund (APF) Director Casey Fremont, who's giving us a way chicer alternative to Donald Trump's Learning Annex seminars with her top 10 list of rising NYC art stars. The group includes video artists, sculptors, and painters—all under 40—who are dominating the young creative scene, which makes sense given AFP's unique role in nurturing new talent and helping them reach new audiences. We suggest beating Gagosian et al and setting up a studio visit, like, yesterday to score the next generation’s Damien Hirst. So much chicer than MegaMillions.
Click through to see 10 up-and-coming artists to buy now before they're famous, with captions from Casey!
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Olympia Scarry

"I've loved everything of Olympia's I've seen...especially a C-Print series at a recent ford Projects exhibit called 'Everything In-Between.' The portrait series captures frozen moments of the artist yawning that feel voyeuristic and intimate. I was completely drawn in by this opportunity at such a close-up look at this ordinary human moment. In altering the ordinary, she leads the viewer to look differently not only at the thing itself, but also examine their reaction to this new perspective."

Images via Interview Magazine.
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Theo Rosenblum

"Seeing Theo's work you never know what you will find—the sculptures, drawings, and paintings he dreams up transform everyday things into the subjects of satiric examination. Rosenblum’s cartoon-like works of gruesome and imagined scenarios turn you off as much as they draw you in with their humor, causing the viewer to question their relationship with the world they inhabit."
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Ryan Metke

"Ryan's narrative paintings tell fascinating stories through a series of familiar pictorial symbols. He's a master of composition. The imagery and elements of his works are complex and seductive, whether or not you are reading the story he is telling."
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Angel Otero

"The surface of Angel's canvases and sculptures look like they have been covered in a camouflage of paint that could slide or be peeled off the surface in a split second. Instead, it's frozen as a result of his process of panting on plexiglass, and then transferring the entire nearly dry sheet of pigment onto either the canvas or three-dimensional object he is covering. There, it remains with folds and creases, suggesting the motions of the process that led to creating it."
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Natalie Frank

"One of my favorite new female painters, Natalie's work juxtaposes impossible fantasy with such realistic stares and elements of the human body that you feel chillingly confronted by the painting's subjects. Through her use of color and her brush, she captures subtle highlights and shadows that make for very dramatic scenes."

Image via New York Sun.
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Kevin Baker

"Kevin paints beautiful, colorful, psychedelic works with both abstract and natural forms layered and set within the context of an imagined organic atmosphere. These elements are painted on kitsch oilcloth reminiscent of those he remembers from his grandmother's Kentucky home. His works are deeply expressive and draw you in with their playful beauty."
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Curtis Kulig

"Most everyone has seen the work of Curtis—whether they realize it or not. He's the man behind 'Love Me,' the ubiquitous stickers seen in various designs throughout New York City and beyond. His repetition of such a simple, universal statement is a reminder to everyone who comes across it of human nature's innate insecurities and natural desire to be loved."
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Shelter Serra

"The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Art Production Fund's most recent artist in residence, Shelter is a multi-media artist whose work deals with elements of pop culture, (Kelly Bags cast in sex-toy rubber and an oversized black Amex, for example), commenting on consumerism and forcing you to reflect on our society's desire for material possessions."
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Quintin Rivera Toro

"Quintin's work causes you to remove yourself from your surroundings, take a step back, and reflect. I especially like the work 'Un Espacio Libre,' where he installed giant inkjet photo prints of a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds on a series of billboards along a congested highway near San Juan. The perfect break from the messages of advertising we have come to expect."
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Eloise Fornieles

"Eloise is a performance, installation, and video artist who challenges the viewer with intensely beautiful and disturbing imagery. She performed at APF's benefit this year atop a saddle and ladder perched high above the crowd. Although she was naked, she never seemed vulnerable. It was the viewer, instead, who was made self-conscious, waiting for Eloise to drop her notes—descriptions of the people she watched, watching her. Her work examines human nature, our interactions, and how we perceive ourselves and others in situations both beautiful and violent."