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10 Up-And-Coming Artists To Buy Before They're Famous

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    We know we're not technically in a recession anymore, but it still feels like choosing between dinner at Fedora last weekend and dry cleaning those white summer jeans was a way harder decision than it ought to have been. While we don't have an office lottery pool, we're never averse to some extra pocket change. Enter Art Production Fund (APF) Director Casey Fremont, who's giving us a way chicer alternative to Donald Trump's Learning Annex seminars with her top 10 list of rising NYC art stars. The group includes video artists, sculptors, and painters—all under 40—who are dominating the young creative scene, which makes sense given AFP's unique role in nurturing new talent and helping them reach new audiences. We suggest beating Gagosian et al and setting up a studio visit, like, yesterday to score the next generation’s Damien Hirst. So much chicer than MegaMillions.

    Click through to see 10 up-and-coming artists to buy now before they're famous, with captions from Casey!

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