5 Trainers To Whip You Into Shape

While we like to think that our only incentive for working out is to getting healthy, we all know that it's also those darned problem-areas that really motivate us to get off the couch. Whether your Achilles' heel is your arms, legs, abs, or glutes, we've compiled a lil' list of the City's choice trainers to not only get you feeling good, but also get those trouble spots on the straight and narrow. Although it might be a little bit of a splurge, we think signing up with one of these fitness-gurus is a small price to pay for peace of mind...and a bangin' body (bonus points: no cheating!). Give us a couple months, and we'll be ready to meet you for a weekend getaway in Miami—who's up for new Facebook profile pics??
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Long and Lean
Who: Rupa Mehta at Pure Yoga
Why: Founder of the Nalini Method, Rupa Mehta is the woman to see if you want gracefully long and lean limbs. Influenced by both Western and Eastern methods, the Nalini Method enhances flexibility, strengthens the core, corrects posture, and relaxes the body by fusing ballet barres, mat work, resistance bands, exercise balls, and ankle weights. Sounds like the perfect regimen to create that envy-worthy Black Swan-like dancer's body.
Pure West, 204 W. 77th Street (at Amsterdam Avenue); 212-877-2025.
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Who: Rowdy Yates at Crunch
Why: Focusing on sports-centered training, Rowdy is especially on-point for former athletes and anyone who want to get back into the game and tone up that saggy butt! Specializing in corrective exercises for postural deviations and joint dysfunctions, Rowdy knows how to get you back in shape with as little pain as possible (we didn't say none, though!). His athletic style also meshes perfectly for those wanting to tone your glutes with maximum results. After you're done with him, quarters will be bouncing off your derriere like there's no tomorrow!
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Crunch Gym-Lafayette, 404 Lafayette Street (between 4th and 5th streets); 212-614-0120.
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Who: Julie Bobek at Reebok Sports Club
Why: As a trainer and instructor with classes like "All About Arms," it's a no-brainer that we recommend Julie as the gal with the golden guns. MObama will have nothing on you once you're under Julie's strong grib. As an added bonus, the multi-faceted Julie is also fluent in core and lower body training, so we're pretty sure she'll whip those into shape as well. For your hard work, you can reward yourself with the spa-level amenities at the Reebok Sports Club. Can't forget the carrot in the carrot-and-stick equation!
Reebok Sports Club, 160 Columbus Avenue (between 67th and 68th streets); 212-362-6800.
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Who: Elissa Hyman at The Sports Club/LA
Why: No matter whether you're of the male or female persuasion, legs (especially those thighs) are notoriously difficult to slim down without adding unnecessary bulk. If that's one of your concerns, meet Elissa Hyman at The Sports Club/LA, who specializes in whittling down (or up) those thighs to meed the demands of each client. Whether you want more muscular legs in your future, or to get rid of that pesky inner-thigh action, Elissa will ensure that your legs are exactly the way you want them to look—except for the tan part, that'll have to be on your own time!
Sports Club/LA, 330 East 61st Street (between First and Second avenues); 212-355-5100.
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Who: Peter Anthony at Peter Anthony Fitness
Why: The "Ab Man", Peter Anthony has worked with some of the most solid abs in the country, including Hollywood hottie Josh Lucas and supermodel Maggie Rizer. Taking a holistic approach to getting those sculpted abs, Peter will make you work hard to burn the fat and tone up those muscles—and you'll enjoy it! Under Peter's auspices, your passion for working out will be ignited (really!) and the much-coveted flat stomach will be yours in no time through strength, cardio, and resistance training. Just think of all the laundry money you'll be saving with your new washboard abs!
Peter Anthony Fitness, 89 Franklin Street (between Broadway and Church Street); 212-274-9003.