The City's Best Cobblers, Tailors, And More!

Good clothes are like a beloved pet—they need consistent care, and if you're serious about fashion you'll want only the very best for your closet cuties. Love on your leather, dote on your denim, and shower your shoes with affection at any of the places on our list of first-rate experts in New York City service. From cobblers offering the full Louboutin treatment (for fakies and the real thing) to a dry-cleaner specializing in Broadway costumes, we've got everything you need to keep your wardrobe wonderfully wearable for years to come. And with all that money you saved not shopping, we'll let you go out and buy a new stiletto to ruin. And then fix.
Check out our ultimate guide to the city's best cobblers, tailors, and more.
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For Your Shoes

Above, Andrade Shoe Repair
Andrade Shoe Repair
For $22 to $33, a cobbler at Andrade resoles shoes with signature cherry-red rubber to make them look like real Louboutins. It ain't the real deal, but there is one advantage to faux over fabulous: The vinyl at Andrade is no-skid, so you'll avoid the painful slipping and sliding of the break-in period.
210 East 85th Street (between 2nd and 3rd avenues); 212-988-0539
Dino's Shoe Repair
Located in the hustle-and-bustle of Columbus Circle is Dino's Shoe Repair, ran by Maria Filios, shoe-biz veteran of more than 35 years. We hear their shoe-shining is unbeatable, but don't take our word for it—for only $4, we suggest you try it for yourself!
1806 Broadway (between West 58th Street and Columbus Circle); 212-397-4066.
For Your Stains

Above, Madame Paulette
Jeeves New York Cleaners
We learned the hard way that there are very few people out there you can trust with your clothes. Thanks to Jeeves Cleaners, there's no use crying over spilt wine. Jeeves is the perfect personal assistant to combat the trickiest stains, even on hard-to-clean materials like silk. If they're unsure of how your garment is supposed to look, they'll even email you a photo. However, extra-special treatment comes at an extra-special fee. Their rates are almost six times what a normal dry-cleaner charges, and a hand-cleaned suit will cost you a cool $145.
9 East 65th Street (between Madison and 5th avenues); 212-570-9130.
Madame Paulette
Think of Madame Paulette as your fairy godmother, here to rescue you from all your your fashion emergencies. Even celebrity clientele like Anna Wintour trust this Upper East Side shop with their most precious wearables. Prices range from $5 for shirts to $75 for evening gowns.
1255 2nd Avenue (between 65th and 66th streets); 347-689-7010
For Your Seams

Above, JEM Fabric Warehouse, Photo: Via Karin Schomaker
JEM Fabric Warehouse
Located conveniently close to our very own office is this two-story fabric mega-store. Going into this 10,000-square-foot warehouse might seem a little daunting, but here's a trade secret to ease nerves: Head way to the back to see Frank Jeffrey. Though Frank works primarily with clothing, drapery, and upholstery, he's also a mastermind at custom-made garments. We suggest having your own Project Runway moment sifting through the plethora of fabrics and trims.
355 Broadway (between Franklin and White streets); 212-925-4488.
Bang Fun Fashion
What a name! Chinatown is always full of surprises. This hole-in-the-wall tailor is hidden behind a corridor filled with schlocky vendors selling keychains, Chinese slippers, and the like. But trust us, this is one of NYC's best-kept secrets: Not only are the prices as low as $3, the quality is impeccable. Just don't blame us if things get lost in translation! 138 Mott Street (between Grand and Hester streets); 212-528-0182
For Your Leather

Above, Super Leather Cleaners
Superior Leather Cleaners
You just spilled coffee on your Birkin bag, and you're having a nervous breakdown. What's a girl to do? Superior Leather is here to save the day. This old-timey, family-owned store has been cleaning leather for more than 50 years, and Mr. and Mrs. Rosen know what they're doing. They'll refurbish your leather handbags, jackets, furniture, and anything else you might need gussied-up. Price estimates by request only.
141 Lexington Avenue (between 29th and 30th streets); 212-889-7211
Ernest Winzer Cleaners
Though Broadway costume departments are their main clients, Ernest Winzer also specializes in cleaning leather, and have been doing it right since the 1960's. Plus, it's one of the few places you'll find in the City that will give you a hand with your leather gloves. If you're really in a pinch with some damaged leather goods, it's definitely worth the trip to the Bronx.
1828 Cedar Avenue (between Sedgwick and Fremont avenues); The Bronx, 1-877-WINZER
For Everything Else
Chelsea Mini-Storage
When we're sweltering away in the heat of summer, the last thing we want is to look at our heavy winter coats—much less deal with stuffing them in the back of our closets. Though it's hard to imagine a storage space being hip, this location in Chelsea is probably as close as it gets. In their smallest space (3x3x8), prices start at $66 per month, and include free hours of moving.
626 West 28th Street (between 11th and 12th avenues); 212-564-7735
Oz Moving
If you're too busy or too lazy to deal with trips to a storage unit, this is the place for you. They'll pick everything up, take inventory, and move it to their Bronx facility without you ever having to bat an eyelash. Rates start at $100 per month.
2237 Broadway (between West 80th and 79th streets); 212-452-6683.
Manhattan Mini Storage
Come for the cheeky billboards you've no doubt seen around town, and stay for the easy access. You can get a 4x4x4 space for about $70 per month, although prices vary between their 16 Manhattan locations. The best part? These storage spaces are perfectly suited for the girl that has way too many clothes, with personal closets that come with built-in shelves and a rod for hangers.
28 2nd Avenue (between East 2nd and 1st streets); 646-786-7243

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