5 Stylin' Salons, 5 Brand-New Treatments

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    Uptown, downtown, east side, west side, Brooklyn, and beyond...keeping track of the city's top-notch salons could be a full-time job, not to mention factoring in the ever-increasing list of treatments and add-ons like makeup, waxing, and manicures that need to be in that excel shoot. But hands down, your hair never looks better than the day it's done by a pro (stylist, that is), so we tracked down five new salon offerings and updates to get you through Valentine's Day, help you tackle Fashion Week, and take you into spring. Whether you've got a new killer coiff on the brain, your skin's winter worn and dull, or you're looking for a new stylist BFF, these salons are totally game.

    Click through to scope out five salons with five rad treatments for a hair day you won't forget!

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