The Best 3 Boot-Camps To Kick Your Ass!

If your Memorial Day was more beach-body envy than ab flaunting, there's still time to look like Tom and Gisele—but, here's the rub: It won't be easy. Instead, get ready to get sweaty, S&M style, with three NYC boot-camps that will kick your ass into shape. Whether you're toning for an August wedding, or want some Facebook pictures that will make your ex jealous, we've scoured the city and found three workouts that, if you show up, won't let you cheat (with the results to prove it). We've got a brand-new, celeb-approved fave, a bridal butt-kicking, and a core class that's, well, hardcore. You know what they say—no pain, no gain.
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Barrys Bootcamp:

Barry's Bootcamp is opening the first NYC location in Chelsea tomorrow! Barry’s Bootcamp has a devoted Southern Californian following and a favorite among Hollywood's hottest. The idea is simple-- shock the body with a 1,000 calorie burning workout in a fun, lively atmosphere. The workout is based around a treadmill, and combines 25-30 minutes strength with 25-30 minutes cardiovascular. The floor work focuses on a different major muscle group each day allowing clients to develop a targeted program.

135 West 20th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues); 888-619-0005.
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Exhale Core Fusion Boot Camp:

Exhale has taken the best moves from from their signature curriculums and combined them into a heart-pumping workout guaranteed to shed any unwanted pounds. Designed to address your strength, flexibility, and cardio needs, Core Fusion Boot Camp produces body-shaping results.

Various Manhattan locations.
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DavidBartonGym offers a two-month bridal training program to whip Brides and Bridesmaids into wedding dress shape in an instant. Featuring weekly workouts with a private trainer and nutritional coaching, trainees will achieve the flat stomach, toned arms, sexy back and sizzling legs that will keep all eyes on the Bride and her Bridesmaids. To keep the workouts fresh and focused, trainers evolve the workouts each week and recommend such fun, high-energy classes to spice up the routine as Pain and Pleasure, Six Pack Attack and Guns. Everyone can achieve their dream body in no time.

Various NYC locations.