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The Best Beauty From Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

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    The best things in life only seem to come around once a year, don't they? Halloween, the Super Bowl — and Nordstrom's anniversary sale. Consider it the Kentucky Derby of beauty sales. Cosmetics junkies scour the luxury department store for exclusive goodies with significantly smaller price tags, and everything from lipstick to fragrance to hair dryers is represented.

    And, honestly, the bounty Nordstrom's offered up this year might be the best we've seen yet. Limited-edition gift sets, nail-polish collections, and the most luxurious brush sets ever are here, and they're all ready for you to shop. The sale is open to Nordstrom Reward Members starting today, but the rest of us will have to wait until July 18 to scoop up our goodies. But, you can start making your lists now.

    Click through to shop our favorites from the sale. Consider it a midsummer gift exchange with yourself.

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