13 To-Die-For Buys From Nordstrom's Exclusive Holiday Shop

Excuse us while we max out our plastic. Mega-retailer Nordstrom just kicked off its second edition of Pop-In: 4U: Brite Lites_Gift City, featured in 12 Nordstrom stores across the U.S. and online. What's housed in this major ultra-major shop, you ask? Oh, you know, just about everything we want this holiday season — and oodles more. We're talking an exclusive yin-and-yang-emblazoned Kartell Louis Ghost Chair (you'll die for it), the sweetest Maslin beach towel, an adorable cat-printed T-shirt (yes, it beats Grumpy Cat), and everything in between.
So, if your friends have been on Santa's "Nice List" or if you're just ready to splurge on a little treat for yourself (because you deserve it), click through for our favorite goods from this shop. Just don't be disappointed when you get your credit card bill next month.