First Look: See Acrimony's Sleek New Sister Shop, No.3!

You may recall how over the moon we were to first discover that our favorite shop-leading lady Jenny Chung of ACRE/SF and Acrimony was helming yet another store in S.F. This time, her stylish, streamlined venture No.3 is focused on bips and bops of the luxe and rustic variety — and it's officially open for business. Cue the happy dance!
Nestled in Russian Hill in the former Hyde Street Gallery space, the quaint haven is a sleek, museum-like hideaway for gorgeous creations to shine bright. Situated in geometric, artsy display cases and fixtures by Madison Detro and Conor Sweitzer, the delicate items (all the friends are here: Anna Sheffield, Joomi Lim, Marisa Haskell, Gabriela Artigas) are exhibited just so, no dainty details overlooked. Naturally, we hiked it up to Russian Hill to get a glance at the shiny-new spot in person. What did we come back with? A slew of pretty, pin-worthy pictures and a colossal craving for some new baubles.
No.3, 1987 Hyde Street (between Union and Green streets); No phone.
Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile
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This four-legged cutie only adds to the excitement...
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The pint-sized place in all its glory.
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We're obsessed over the artfully displayed baubles.
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We'll take it all, thanks!
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Boss lady Jenny Chung.
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Come to mama!
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A gorgeous coral fixture.
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One of this, one of that...
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Aren't the display cases incredible?!
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Geometric lusting.
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Mirror, mirror...
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Soaking in the view!
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No.3 business cards and other cool accessories sprinkled around.