This Superstar Makeup Artist Is REALLY Passionate About Fixing Your Makeup Mistakes

Photographed by Nick Barose.
By nature, the beauty industry can be a very vain place. Beneath all the pretty hair and makeup, there's also quite a few outsized personalities from the pros responsible for those beauty looks. Peacocking is commonplace and egos can run unchecked — it's rare to see a big-time makeup artist or hairstylist put themselves out there and approach beauty from a less serious, self-righteous place.
Except, of course, if you're Nick Barose. The man behind the makeup of many an A-List star (including one newly minted Lancôme face) is nothing if not humble and charming — and insanely talented, of course. Barose came to us with an idea: He wanted to show women some of the more common makeup mistakes they were making, and give them his expert advice on how to do things properly. Pretty standard stuff, right?
Well, in typical form, Barose took things to a different (much more fun) level and demonstrated those cosmetics taboos on himself, via some pretty cheeky Instagram photos. From faux lashes to highlighter abuse, he covers it all with absolutely no shame. While the photos themselves are hilarious, the tips are also pretty spectacular, so click through for an evening giggle and to pick up a new trick or two.
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Photographed by Nick Barose.
The Problem: "I Woke Up Like This" Concealer
"We all have that Facebook or Instagram friend that posts selfies on Sunday morning in their bathrobe in bed pretending to be just waking up all fresh faced, and all you can see is their undereye concealer," says Barose. The culprit behind this phenomenon, according to Barose, is when women put too white, cakey concealer under their eyes in an attempt to look fresh-faced. "It ends up doing the opposite," he says, "looking too pasty and unnatural. You still look tired, but worse because now your eyes are still puffy with more crap sitting on top."

The Fix: Control the puffiness before you add makeup.
You can't paint away puffiness, says Barose, so you need to reduce it first with an eye mask or ice. (He loves Talika's Eye Therapy Mask). "The concealer you're using shouldn't be too light," he says. Instead, choose a warmer-toned one that will blend with the rest of your face, like Armani Maestro Eraser Dark Circles Concealer. "Never layer the concealer," he adds. "You can't ever totally get rid of dark circles — it's more about toning them down."
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Photographed by Nick Barose.
The Problem: Highlighter Mustache
"This really freaks me out," says Barose, referencing girls who dab too much shimmer all over the upper lip in an attempt to make their lips look fuller, Kardashian style. "Nobody needs to walk around looking like they are in a milk ad," he deadpans. "And, when it's too shiny, it can make you look like you've got the flu or a runny nose."

The Fix: Ditch the shimmer.
Barose prefers a soft, natural, flesh-tone lip pencil, like Tarte's Amazonian Clay Universal Lip Liner. "You can fake the fullness as long as you're not making harsh lines," he says. Also, choose a lip gloss with subtle shimmer. It will make lips appear fuller without being too obvious — and add a hint of golden gloss at the center of your lower lip, to catch the light and enhance the effect.
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Photographed by Nick Barose.
The Problem: Brow-Grazing Lashes
You can blame reality stars for this one, says Barose. "I think most women want to have fake lashes to make their eyes appear bigger, but too long lashes, especially those that are too dense, can actually shut the eye and make it look smaller," he says.

The Fix: Try half strips.
Barose says you can still get a lush lash look using half strips, and they'll feel much more natural (and less obvious) than a full strip. He advises cutting your full strip in half and using one half on the outer corner of each eye. As for length, Barose says, "don't be greedy. It has to look convincing, so it should only be a few millimeters longer than your real lashes." And, instead of loading on globs of thick mascara over the lashes, Barose prefers one with a tiny brush, like Surratt Pointilliste Mascara to comb through. "You're just trying to make your real lashes stick to your fake — not add more volume," explains Barose.
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Photographed by Nick Barose.
The Problem: Ghost Nose
Also known by makeup artists as "putting your nose behind bars," this is what happens when you use powder that is too dark on the sides of the nose to try to diminish it in size. "I love a good contoured nose for a photo shoot," says Barose, "but to see women walking down the street with a shaded nose that's all like 'I have a small, perfect nose, I swear," drives me nuts!"

The Fix: Skip the contour and try a sheen instead
"The way you powder your nose can actually make it look flatter and wider if powder it all over," he says. Instead og powder directly over the bridge of the nose, Barose likes to powder the sides of the nose with Bobbi Brown matte Bronzing Powder, then applies Jouer Highlighter in Tiare down the center of the nose to lengthen and define in a more natural, daylight-friendly way.
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Photographed by Nick Barose.
The Problem: Hyper-Literal Cat-Eye Liner
"Just because it's called a cat-eye, doesn't mean you have to take it all the way," says Barose. "I love dramatic makeup, but it has to be flattering and harsh lines can age you — especially around the eyes. Not to mention, when it's too defined and too dark around the eye, it makes your eyes look smaller."

The Fix: Opt for creamy pencils in softer colors.
By switching your black liquid liner for a soft grey or brown creamy pencil (Barose swears by Votre Vu's Joli Crayon), you help to make this look much less harsh. "While you want to accentuate the feline shape," says Barose, "make it look less severe by keeping the line thin and smudging it so it's blurred and not so defined. And, don't get me started with the opaque, matte, pale nude lips people love pairing with those cat-eyes..."
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Photographed by Nick Barose.
The Problem: Bipolar Tan
It's not just foundation that people have issues with. Barose says people get greedy when picking their bronzer, wanting to go too tan, too fast. "Keep in mind that your makeup rubs off as the day goes by," he says. "So, the more you layer, the more it will rub off, smudge, and look unnatural. I see so many people walking around with bronzer on their collar and who forgot to work the color into their hairline, ears, and neck."

The Fix: Be realistic about your options.
"If you're pale, you can look healthy without being tan — a peachy tone blush on the apples of the cheeks and some warm color on the lips is usually enough. The thing about bronzer is that you want to look like you've been in the sun, not like you're wearing bronzer." He likes NARS Multiple in South Beach or Chanel Le Blush Crème de Chanel in Destiny.
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