10 NYC Throwbacks You've Got To See

Anything can happen in a New York minute — the landscape of various neighborhoods often change as quickly as plans, outfits, and soundtracks. But, we can always use a little local history lesson. So, we turned to talented NYC artist, Sally Davies, to share her photos of the East Village of yesterday.
Consider this eye-opening vintage walking tour a virtual time machine. Now go hug your corner bodega.
Photographed by Sally Davies
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El Sombrero
"I remember going to eat here after East Village art openings back in the '80s. Corner of Ludlow. Authentic Mexican. A.k.a. the Hat."

Photographed by Sally Davies
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Kate's Joint
"A classic bar on Avenue B and 4th Street. Closed just this past year, it was a super great vegan restaurant and bar. Another victim of landlords hiking rents up 500%."

Then: Kate's Joint, 58 Avenue B (at 4th Street), Now: Vella Market Grocery

Photographed by Sally Davies
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The Gladiator Gym
"This storefront was The Gladiator Gym for years. East 6th Street between A and B. Back in the '80s it was the only game in town...or at least downtown in the East Village. There were only ever two women there and all the other guys were hard-core body builders."

Photographed by Sally Davies
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San Lazaro Botanica Shop
"One of the hundreds of local Botanica Shops down here, there was lots of voodoo going on back then — in a good way. When praying just didn't work. you went to one of these places and got a few statues and candles. This was always one of my favorites."

Photographed by Sally Davies
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Rivington Street Guitar Shop
"This was the Rivington Street Guitar Shop. It used to be right beside the Botanica, but it had to move. I'm pretty sure it would have been a horrible rent hike. They are still in business, but located elsewhere in the East Village."

Photographed by Sally Davies
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The Lakeside Lounge
"The Lakeside Lounge was on Avenue B and it was a sad day when it shut its doors. Eric Amble of the 'Del Lords' fame and Jimmy the Hound Marshall were owners extrordinaire. This place boasted the best juke box in downtown NYC, and the joint rocked...all the time."

Photographed by Sally Davies
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94 St. Marks Place.
"This building is still here...but I feel it's worth a very honorable mention. It has a rich downtown history and it will be sad when they tear it down. As well as being one of my best selling prints, this building was used on the Led Zepplin 'Physical Graffiti' Album. The famous graphic artist John Van Hamersveld did his Mouse Drawings here in the late '60s, staying with a girlfriend who lived here...and it was also used by the Rolling Stones. They shot their 'Waiting For A Friend' video on this stoop."

Photographed by Sally Davies
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East 3rd Street Psychic
"These were everywhere in the city but are quickly disappearing. I loved to photograph these. No one really believes in this kind of fortune teller, but there are always people in there spending $5 to see what their future holds."

Photographed by Sally Davies
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Mars Bar
"Mars Bar on 1st Street was a watering hole staple if there ever was one. Such a shame that it recently closed."

Then: Mars Bar, 25 East 1st Street (at 2nd Avenue), Now: TD Bank.

Photographed by Sally Davies
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"I think this deli opened in '84. I remember when it opened. It was very exciting to think you could get home, maybe, without getting mugged. It was a halfway point between where the cab would insist you got out. It was one of the first to brave it down there. It closed a couple of years ago on Avenue A and 2nd Street."

Photographed by Sally Davies