5 Influencers Share Their Commuter Essentials

Whether you're walking, taking the subway, biking, or even flying, everyone has a list of essential items that they just can't be on the move without. And since commuting isn't necessarily always the most enjoyable part of one's day, it's important to be prepared — and stay entertained — while encountering those unexpected (but totally inevitable) public transportation delays or traffic jams.

Beyond the basics (cell phone, wallet, keys), there are tons of items that we love to stuff into our bags, making our daily lives just a little bit easier (and fun). But chances are, even our most trusted essentials could use a little revamping. Ready to improve your morning commute? We asked five female powerhouses to share their list of must-haves for beating the daily grind. These items will not only make your mornings (and evenings) more productive, but they'll definitely make them more stylish, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Claire Knebl.
Claire Knebl
Managing Editor, Into The Gloss

Knebl is the managing editor of the leading beauty website, where you can find anything from hair tutorials to the best insider products and makeup routines.
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Photo: Courtesy of Glossier.
"I carry both the unscented and coconut versions of our balm with me. They're useful for much more than lips, which is convenient, because whenever I'm on the subway is usually when I stop to realize that I have a hangnail or that my brows are being weird. Luckily, these balms can help with all of that and then some."
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Photo: Courtesy of Oribe.
"At the start of this summer, I gave up the fight against humidity and decided to stop straightening my hair every day. I'm still getting used to it, and my hair can be pretty unpredictable, so I like having this Oribe cream with me — it's pretty lightweight and does a good job dealing with the poofiness that happens between the time I leave my apartment and make it to the office (in other words: on the subway). It smells great, too."
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Photo: Courtesy of iTunes.
"I take the Q train from Brooklyn every morning, which spends a good amount of time above ground. Because of that, and because I like to sleep as late as possible, I get started having work conversations via the Slack app on my phone."
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Photo: Courtesy of Jeanne Chan.
Jeanne Chan
Founder, Shop Sweet Things

Chan is the founder and blogger behind lifestyle site, Shop Sweet Things. Her refined style sensibility and tasteful discoveries serve as a constant inspiration for today’s modern women.
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Photo: Courtesy of Chinet.

"I don’t always have time to hit up a coffee shop, so I usually like to make my own coffee and use these insulated cups for convenience. They’re light and keep my coffee warm during my commute."

Comfort Cup® by Chinet® Insulated Hot Cups And Lids, available at major retailers.
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Photo: Courtesy of Urban Decay.
"Blush is my everyday beauty essential — I love that this is a bronzer, highlighter, and blush in one. One quick application and I’m out the door!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Bandolier.
"My biggest fear is dropping or losing my phone while I commute. This case is my perfect solution, and it actually goes with my outfits."
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Photo: Courtesy of Edith Young.
Edith Young
Artist, Edith.nyc

Who better to look to for all things creative (and beautiful) than Young, a budding artist who is currently studying photography at the Rhode Island School of Design?
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Photo: Courtesy of Retrosuperfuture.
"I recently came to terms with my nearsightedness and bought a pair of the Ciccio Optical Black Horn eyeglasses from Retrosuperfuture. Now I start the day feeling like Lebron James or Jenna Lyons or someone of similarly imposing stature and statement eyewear, while being able to read the marquee for train times without walking a mile down the platform. With crisp vision, I now notice more urban phenomena, like the time I spotted commuters being transformed into a Chuck Close mosaic!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Stubbs & Wootton.
"One morning, the 6 train stopped running without warning, and the cab I subsequently hailed was pulled over by a cop for going straight in a turn-only lane, leaving me with no choice but to full-on sprint down the Bowery to work. I vowed to substitute my heels with Stubbs & Wootton slippers from that day on. These handmade and office-appropriate velvet loafers guarantee compliments from strangers on a blister-free commute. My personal favorite pair features planets in the solar system and makes me feel like I'm wearing an orrery on my feet."
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Photo: Courtesy of iTunes.
"It is all too easy to spend each day's commute playing Candy Crush and Mr Jump, so I kicked the habit when a friend told me about Pocket. Pocket allows you to save web and mobile articles to a Cloud-based archive for later reading. A subway ride from uptown to Canal Street provides the perfect stretch of time for me to devote my full attention to the latest pieces by my favorite longform writers like Alice Gregory and Tad Friend."

Pocket App, Available on iTunes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Irene Chung.
Irene Chung
Design Director, Shoes, Marc Jacobs

This fashion expert doesn't just work for one of the biggest names in fashion (she helms the shoe design at Marc Jacobs, after all), but she knows the ins and out of a fast-paced life on the go.
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Photo: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus.
"I always travel with at least one pair of 'nice shoes' that I can throw on at night for a last-minute dinner."
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Photo: Courtesy of Chanel.
"My choice of red lipstick is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Color: 38 La Fascianate for a matte look."
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Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom.
"I've been wearing this fragrance since I was 15 years old. I just don't feel the same without it."
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Photo: Courtesy of Hermès.
"I have a small collection of these scarves. It's always freezing on the airplane, so it's like my security blanket, and it's a perfect accessory for any outfit or occasion."
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Photo: Courtesy of Krystle Rodriguez.
Krystle Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a killer stylist that has even received compliments on her wardrobe from the one and only, Pharrell Williams. Yes, that's a true story.
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Photo: Courtesy of Supreme New York.
"I use my phone a lot through out the day, whether it's emailing or catching up on social media. My mophie definitely keeps my phone alive, plus who doesn't love a good Supreme collaboration?"
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Photo: Courtesy of Moleskin.
"I take my Moleskin notebook with me everywhere I go; I love being able to jot down any notes or inspiration I come across during my travel. I also love the XS size, because it fits perfectly into my small purse."
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Photo: Courtesy of Beats By Dre.
"I like listening to music on my commute because it helps the time go by faster. These are also compact and can fit almost anywhere."