13 Stunning Summer Brides Share The Best Moment Of Their Big Day

Photo: Courtesy of Corey Torpie.
If you ask most brides to recall their wedding days, the majority will tell you that they were a blissful blur. But sometimes, there’s one moment that particularly stands out — a single memory that captures the joy and the adrenaline, the romance and the fun.

For New York brides, that memory may include a peaceful stroll in Central Park, a brief moment of stopping traffic (literally), or a playful (and quite delicious) pit-stop at a nearby hot dog vendor. Seeing your new spouse for the first time since saying your vows is exciting enough — add the magic of the city surrounding you, and you're bound to have a celebration that lasts a lifetime.

Ahead, 13 summer brides who tied the knot in (or just outside) NYC share what that special moment was for them.

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Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Marguerite.
“Michael and I have always wanted a quintessential New York wedding, something that encapsulated the best of the city that brought us together. We said our vows on the roof of The NoMad Hotel and then headed for the streets to the theme from Star Wars. While our guests enjoyed pre-dinner Satan’s Circus cocktails with bites of butter-dipped radishes, we spent time together with New York, its people, and its inexhaustible contrasts. We wanted the world to know we just got married; we wanted to share the best day of our lives.”

—Nataliya Slinko, The NoMad Hotel
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Photo: Courtesy of Brian Dorsey Studios.
“Our photographer suggested we take a few pictures outside with the lights of the city — we were having so much fun that time got away from us until we realized there were only 15 minutes left to our cocktail hour. We decided to skip it and instead, on the fly, my husband, Nicholas, a true introvert who never wanted to do a first dance, grabbed my hand, walked me back into our beautiful venue, Gotham Hall, onto the center of the dance floor, and started dancing with me to 'You’re All I Need to Get By,' by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. The venue staff dropped the curtains on the mezzanine and all of our guests stared down at us from 50-feet-above as we welcomed them all to the party. I guess a New York night can make you do just about anything...”

—Jessica Davidoff, Gotham Hall
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Photo: Courtesy of Amber Gress.
"Between the ceremony and reception, we took photos in Nolita and on the Lower East Side. When we stopped at a mailbox to mail our wedding license, we passed a bar with a mural on the side where the owner — I think, drunkenly — insisted we stop for a photo. People on the street congratulated us and clapped when we walked by, and our awesome photographer, Amber, even ran into the street and momentarily stopped traffic for a particularly amazing shot. The adrenaline from the ceremony, mixed with the excitement of walking around the city together in our beautiful wedding duds, made for an incredible, joyful, goofy, dream-like feeling. I was just so damn happy."

—Ali Cardia, PUBLIC Restaurant
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Photo: Courtesy of Corey Torpie.
“The day felt like bliss, like floating. We had the perfect ceremony and then sat together, getting ready to greet everyone as a unit, stronger than we were just minutes before. It was so sunny and hot, the champagne tasted incredible. It was a playful instant, like an eye of a hurricane, just after all the planning became reality.”

—Katie Levy, at her family's home in Southampton
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Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Marguerite.
"Our 'perfect' schedule of starting with family photos in the park, and then ketubah-signing at the venue, was upended when, less than two minutes before we were supposed to head outside for pictures, the skies opened up into a torrential thunderstorm. Flash to all of the laughing and scrambling to rearrange the schedule completely so that we could sign the ketubah in the bridal party’s hotel suite. Our son was up-close and personal for this really special part of the Jewish ceremony; his insatiable need to explore and discover stole the show — and that’s how it should be.

"Having your nine-month-old in attendance at your wedding ceremony, while admittedly not the 'norm,' is beautiful, fun, and puts everything in perspective. That, and figuring out how to breastfeed your child pre- and post-event while wearing your beaded Jenny Packham dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, makes you feel like a rock star mom."

—Inbal Paz, Eleven Madison Park
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Photo: Courtesy of Brian Dorsey Studios.
“Nick and I really enjoy food and Nick, in particular, has always loved hot dogs. When our photographer asked my bridesmaids what a fun picture opportunity might be, there wasn't a moment's hesitation in suggesting that we head to the hot dog vendor we had seen when we first entered Central Park for a pre-ceremony photoshoot. Such a classic New York activity was perfect fit for our wedding, which celebrated the city where we first lived together. The entire wedding party got in line for hot dogs, resulting in laughter and a lot of 'yums!'"

—Rebecca Skipper, The Harold Pratt House
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Photo: Courtesy of Brian Dorsey Studios.
“David and I knew we wanted to get married in in New York — the city where we fell in love. But until our wedding day, I never realized just how loving and accommodating New Yorkers can be. As we walked from Essex House, where the wedding was held, to Central Park to take pictures, strangers showered us with congratulations, and taxis and horse-drawn carriages stopped so we could get shots in the middle of street. Thanks to those people, we have an amazing wedding album.”

—Hayan Kim, Essex House
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Photo: Courtesy of Patricia Kantzos.
“I got ready for the wedding in the bridal suite of the Bryant Park Hotel along with my five bridesmaids — each of whom represented a different period of my life. We faced the park and saw the entire wedding ceremony being set up on the Grill's rooftop before the wedding actually started. I felt like, as a bride, you depend on so many others to ensure your day goes as planned. I didn't have a hand in making sure all was in order while I was getting ready, so watching it unfold before my eyes made me feel even more excited; it calmed my fear of the slightest chance that the wedding wouldn't be as lovely as I had imagined it.”

—Roz Kwast, Bryant Park Grill
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Photo: Courtesy of Corey Torpie.
“I’ll never forget the first steps we took together as husband and wife. We walked outside onto the church stairs and were immediately rushed by an overwhelming feeling of love from our family and friends, who cheered and tossed dried lavender our way. To this day, I remember the feeling of the lavender hitting my skin while we were walking down those steps. The scent followed us all night, and I kept finding pieces in my hair, shoes, and even inside my dress!"

—Ani Ardzivian, Studio Square Events
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Photo: Courtesy of Maggie Marguerite.
"[My husband] George and I quickly decided that we wanted a small, intimate wedding — just George's two boys, a judge, and two close friends to witness. As we thought through a variety of venues, we decided that our own home was the perfect setting. It may sound a bit corny, but if I have to choose, the best moment was when the judge said, 'I now pronounce you husband and wife.' I did not anticipate how wonderful those words would sound, and the flood of happiness I would feel. It still makes me so happy when I think about it!"

—Tonya Evans, at home in Manhattan
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Photo: Courtesy of Farnaz K Studio.
“Our wedding had an intimate, old-New York feel, designed with elements of humor and surprise. Some of my favorite moments include our ceremony, held in the round at The Harold Pratt House, so we were literally surrounded by those closest to us; David surprising me with a chorus serenading me from the upstairs library balcony; his excitement upon seeing me in my fantastical dress — completely the opposite of the clean, modern gown he was expecting; and our pre-nuptials photoshoot, where we ran around Tribeca taking pictures on hidden streets and setting the tone for the evening to come.”

—Lara Bartik-Lenchus, The Harold Pratt House
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Photo: Courtesy of Farnaz K Studio.
“I danced on and off growing up, so the first dance was especially important to me. I convinced Rob to learn the ending routine from Dirty Dancing, while he insisted that we also include the diner dance from Pulp Fiction (which is pretty representative of how silly we are). We spent many nights watching the videos on YouTube, practicing over and over, getting frustrated with each other, and eventually executing flawless dance combinations on our wedding night. It was totally worth it.”

—Shara Watkins, Galapagos Art Space
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Photo: Courtesy of Patricia Kantzos.
"At dusk, everyone lighted wish lanterns. After my husband and I launched the first, I looked around, and our family and friends had broken into twos and threes — little groups of old friends, new loves, siblings, parents with children. Their faces lit up as they made their wishes and watched the lanterns float away into the sky. The long-married couples were having as much fun as the kids, and I just stood there enjoying the feeling of us being one of those couples in the making and becoming part of a big, living, growing family.”

—Lisa Daley Steffey, Liberty View Farm