Beat Those Hangover Blues With These 5 Brilliant Brunch Spots

Whether you're nursing a rough one or are smugly sober, a lovely brunch on New Year's Day is the perfect way to ring in 2012. Bottomless mimosas, spicy Bloody Marys — and even though we got your attention with the booze — delicious food are all musts for a hungover brunch with friends. We rounded up our favorite spots from across L.A. to say "Auld Lang Syne" one sip or forkful at a time.
Photo: Via The Misfit.
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With a menu perfected by seasonal ingredients, there isn't anything not worth ordering. But if we had to pick a favorite, the breakfast sandwich and blueberry pancakes are pretty amazing, and make this a fantastic spot for an all-American brunch with a farmers' market twist.

BLD, 7450 Beverly Blvd (between North Vista and North Gardner streets); 323-930-9744.

Photo: Via BLD.
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The Misfit
How awesome does prosciutto and poached eggs with burrata for brunch sound? Add in bottomless mimosas and a "balanced breakfast" (house-infused oatmeal bourbon sweetened with maple syrup), and you have a sophisticated "hair of the dog" breakfast that will work wonders.

The Misfit, 225 Santa Monica Blvd (between 2nd Court and 3rd Street); 310-656-9800.

Photo: Via The Misfit.
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Salt's Cure
One part café, one part butcher, Salt's Cure is the best brunch spot if you have guys in tow. Known for their delicious meat, try the corned beef hash and tender griddle cakes for a very manly, very delicious, brunch.

Salt's Cure, 7494 Santa Monica Blvd (at North Vista Street); 323-850-7258.

Photo: Via Salt's Cure.
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If you're in a Bloody Mary mood, the homemade mix at Home is filled with horseradish spice and fresh vegetable juice. Sipping on a few of these on the outdoor patio will definitely put you in a better state, at least until your nap.

Home, 1760 Hillhurst Ave (between Melbourne and Kingswell avenues); 323-669-0211.

Photo: Via Home.
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Black Cow
Sometimes you just need carbs. Crunchy, toasty, wonderful carbs. Black Cow Café delivers in full with their cornflake crusted french toast and blueberry waffles. Perfect with loads of syrup and a cup of coffee, a plate of this yummy stuff is a wonderful way for your tummy to begin the new year.

Black Cow Cafe, 2219 Honolulu Ave (at Thompson Court); 818-957-5282.

Photo: Via Black Cow.