7 Bizarre Beauty Products That Are Surprisingly Legit

As beauty editors, we're constantly exposed to products that seem way too good to be true. You know what we're talking about: the ones that claim to do it all, deliver huge results within days, or promise to totally change how you apply your makeup.

Sadly, these products usually end up being disappointing. However, on rare occasions we find ourselves eating our words, downright floored by a tool or formula that once had us rolling our eyes. This slideshow is dedicated to just that: the truly innovative finds that have transformed our beauty routines — or at the very least, made them a lot more fun.

Ahead, you'll find seven beauty buys that may seem too good to be true — but are actually totally legit.
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"This is one of the coolest, most innovative launches I've seen in a while. Now, I've never been one to wear or enjoy false lashes myself — except for the occasional Halloween costume — which is why I was so confused to find myself wielding this thing before a casual backyard BBQ recently. The device makes falsies so much easier to apply, and the lashes themselves look so fluffy and natural, that I'm now completely addicted and wear them everywhere." — Cat Quinn, beauty director

Flirt Cosmetics Flashes, $28, available September 15 at FlirtCosmetics.com.
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"The idea of a 'fragrance primer' may seem a little silly, but this new formula convinced me of the opposite. I normally gravitate towards warm, moody, and heady scents that feel too heavy in many of the places I frequent. That is, the office, the beach, and brunch on a Sunday morning — which is why I've fallen for this oil-based option.

"It's light and fresh, but still complex, with notes of citrus and neroli. That would be enough to win me over, but it's also great for layering (or 'priming') your go-to fragrance, which means that you can mist it on in the morning and not offend your desk mate, then layer it with a traditional scent come sundown. Plus, it makes your perfume last longer when applied under a heavier scent. Think of it as a multipurpose makeup primer — which you can wear alone for a boost, or layered for more drama — but for your olfactory." — Lexy Lebsack, West Coast beauty editor

Maison Margiela Replica Filter: Glow, $55, available at Sephora.
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"Gommage is pretty common in spa treatments, but just starting to really get going in the consumer market. It seems like a load of shit — a peeling gel or cream that you apply and then rub off your face and it turns into balls that grab dead skin as it's rolled. However, it does exactly that. One treatment and your face is absolutely smooth to the touch (no rough patches) and has way more clarity and an almost joie de vivre to it.

"Think of it as a pore strip for your face, just without all that painful pulling. This one from righteous (yet criminally overlooked) brand Koh Gen Do is one of the most pleasant and easy-to-use ones I've come across yet. Two times a week is all I need to keep my skin looking fresh AF." — Megan McIntyre, beauty features director

Koh Gen Do Gommage Spa Gel, $45 available at Sephora.
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"I can't decide if this looks like something from the 1800s or the future, but either way, it's seriously cool. The bristleless wand seems like it wouldn't work, but it actually lifts my lashes really well. I especially like it to touch up my existing mascara, since there is nothing to catch or pull on my lashes.

"You can also use the tip of it to tightline, which made my lashes look way thicker. I wouldn't necessarily swap out my regular mascara for this, and it's certainly pricey (even if you can use the wand forever), but it's the ultimate beauty junkie indulgence. " — Cat Quinn, beauty director

Hourglass Curator Lash Instrument, $78, available at Hourglass; Hourglass Curator Realist Defining Mascara Formula, $36, available at Hourglass.
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"I've already written a love letter to this interactive face mask (and dedicated an entire video to it) but it's well worth mentioning again. The actual mask is hydrating and brightening, which would be enough, but it's also magnetic, which means you use the triangle-shaped magnet to remove it. I expected it to be weird or not work, but boy, was I wrong. The magnet removes the entire mask from your face in a few swift motions and totally nixes the need to rinse with water or remove with a muslin cloth. Glowing skin aside, it's also become my 'show-and-tell' beauty product — I bring it out when friends are over so we can all ooh and aah at the magic together." — Mi-Anne Chan, beauty writer

Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier, $75, available at Sephora.
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"I'm not a brush girl — let's just be outright with that. I either apply my concealer with my fingers or with a sponge, because I am obsessed with my skin looking like skin and not like makeup. Every brush I'd tried had left me streaky — until I tried the Palm Brush. It may look odd, but it gives you airbrushed skin that still looks like skin. It's incredible. The bristles are tightly packed, so they behave similarly to a sponge. But since the surface area is greater, you're able to smooth out your skin in just a few swipes. I'm a total Palm Brush convert — and in just one swipe, you will be, too." — Maria Del Russo, beauty editor

Artis Palm Brush, $65, available at Artis Brush.
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"Since the moment I saw Miley Cyrus use a bubbling mask last year, I've been fascinated by them. Now, I'm not a huge fan of sheet masks in general, because of how sticky the serum underneath can often feel on my skin, but this one is different. The sheet itself is incredibly soft, unlike some other paper masks I've used, and the moment it's applied it begins to bubble and tingle, leaving skin soft, smooth, and less congested." — Sam Sasso, beauty editorial assistant

Spa @ Home by Masque Bar Oxygen Bubble Sheet Mask, $9.99, available exclusively at Walgreens.
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