New Online Magazine, Hardly, Claims To Be The New Sassy

New Canadian online magazine Hardly debuts this Friday, and it's poising itself to be this generation's Sassy . We miss Sassy—and so do millions of ladies around the world, even if they weren't of reading age when the magazine was around. Dozens of publications have tried to emulate its earnest yet snarky perspective, but not many have been so blatant about its inspiration. From founder Jennifer Lee, "Those magazines had their own voice, but they also spoke to us—they gave us a voice. They reminded you that the world was bigger than your high school, and they introduced you to bands, writers, artists, and fashion designers that made the world beyond your immediate experience seem unbelievably exciting." In the upcoming issue, expect to see profiles on young gymnasts, a chat with Amy Millan from Stars about her high school experience, and a feature with student artists from Etobicoke School of the Arts. We've got high hopes for this online glossy—but here's to Hardly growing into something that's all its own. (Jezebel and National Post)
Jane Dong from Etobicoke School of the Arts, photographed by Jonathan Loek.
Editorial, "Pretty Little Thing," photographed by Talia Shipman.
Gymnasts, photographed by Johann Wall.

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